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Their result for The Which wrestler are you Test ...

Shannon moore

You scored 56 Good guy, 38 Heavy weight, 48 of being in a stable or faction, and 47 Up the superstar rankings!

Everybody likes you and you cvan work on your ownn. But its hard to get by those bigger guys! Nothing seems to pay off, take heed in the thought you are a fan favorait!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Face Distribution

    They scored 56% on Face, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • Weight Distribution

    They scored 38% on Weight, higher than 1% of your peers.

  • Stable Distribution

    They scored 48% on Stable, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • Star Distribution

    They scored 47% on Star, higher than 1% of your peers.

All possible test results

Earl Hebner

You are not a wrestler, infact you are a weak mealy mouthed refferie! You cant look after your sefl and more offen end up on your ass cuz you got punked out!!! Read more


Ba dattitude and doesnt like to work with others! Has a mean streak which pays off from time to time. Change your attitude and put some weight on, we will make a start of you yet! Read more


You may be small and you may not be liked but you get the job done, try to play tot he fans and there is no stopping you! Read more

Spike'da boss'Dudley

Has plenty of back up but never seems to get what he wants. With a bad attitude like yours maybe you should knuckle down and work out! Get some guns and do some work! Read more

Road dogg

A butt ugly and not the biggest dogg! But you have plenty of back up and it pays off sometimes. Read more


Not the biggest dawg! And not the most liked by the fans! But he has plenty of help when he needs it! You too get the results and get good ones at that! Read more

Mark Henry

Dispite the weight advantage you dont get the results you want! Try harder and maybe think of turing face. Read more


You can go either way. Good or bad. You have the skills but they dont always pay off. U do a good job and are on your way up! Read more


Mean and big, u dont need help to flatten your opponents. You hit the top just try and watch your back, no one likes a cheat! Read more

Bubba Dudley

Leans more toward the bad guy side. You have a good frame and a good partner, you just dont hit out very well on your own! Read more

Kurt angle

You have a good frame and a good team behind you. You get the job done, just havnt hit the top in a while. Just try to stop pissing the fans off! Read more

Triple H

You are dispiseed by the fans but that doesnt matter. You hit the big time every time. With a great team behind you nothing can stop your run of success...or can it??? Read more

Shannon moore

Everybody likes you and you cvan work on your ownn. But its hard to get by those bigger guys! Nothing seems to pay off, take heed in the thought you are a fan favorait! Read more

Mickey Whipwreck

Liked by many but you dont catch that many breaks. A new approach is need. Victory isnt that far away! Read more

Rey Mysterio

Big fan fave! Not the biggest of guys but you always manage top draw a crowd! You dont realy need any partners right now! Read more

Scotty too Hotty

Fan fave! Not a big guy, but with a good partner u have fun, never mind the fact you havnt won a match in god knows how long! Read more

Jeff Hardy

Its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dawg!!! With a good partner you work very well! Read more

The Hurricane

The true blue superhero! Not that big but you have a good partner and you achieve good things! Read more


Big and true! You dont get that far normally but your partner is great and the fans love ya! Work together and you will acomplish great things! Read more

The Rock!

Big, bad and a show stopper! The crowd bows for you! You dont need a partner but you have been known! You have hit the big time many of times, just watch out for house hold names! Bide your time! Read more

Austin 3:16

The best of the best. The crowd loves you and you dont need any help! Hit the big time and enjoy it. Set a tred! Read more

Matt hardy!

Been there a while, done alot and you have kept the weight on! You work well with a partner but are in a slump right now... Think things through and get smarter! Read more

Shawn Michiels

Worked well in teams before and can still do it. Not quite over the hill, you can still do it! When the path clears you will have no problems walking it! Read more

Kevin Nash

DesMassive and talented. You work well in teams and have climbed the ladder many a time. You dont need to prove your self because you have done iyt sooo many times! The crowd loves it! Read more

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