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Peter Pan

50 Speed, 48 Bizarreness, 28 Roughness

You are Peter Pan's Flight. You are a lot faster and adventurous than others might think, and you are a smooth operator. Being with you is like taking flight, and being caressed as you take to the clouds. You are probably one's first adventure, and have a habit of being the one people remember fondly but tend not to stay with. But you are definitely a ride for only two, baby, amongst the stars and moon. Classy and fun, that's you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Speed Distribution

    They scored 50% on Speed, higher than 69% of your peers.

  • Bizarreness Distribution

    They scored 48% on Bizarreness, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • Roughness Distribution

    They scored 28% on Roughness, higher than 14% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Carousel

You are King Arthur's Carousel. You like it slow, with a little bit of up and down. You enjoy being mounted, but you get sad when your 5 minutes are up. You're pretty much the same ride every time, bu... Read more


You are the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. You like that you have the control to go up an down when *YOU* want it. Still, it's pretty much the same ride every time, and pretty much the same speed. Yo... Read more

Splash Mountain

You are Splash Mountain. You're a long slow build up, sometimes with a little singing and dancing to get to the point, but once you hit your peak.... Well, watch out. It's a straight plunge to the bot... Read more

It's a Small World

You are It's A Small World. You like a little variety and different scenery for your engagements, sometimes with a danger of being watched. Dressing up in different costumes from around the world appe... Read more

Buzz Lightyear

You are Buzz Lightyear's Spage Ranger Spin. You are all about scoring. All that matters is hitting the target, as often as possible. The actual journey is kind of forgettable, but if you have a big nu... Read more


You are Pirate of the Carribean. You are a thrilling and adventurous ride that everyone loves. You start with a nice pretty view, a slow build up, and then suddenly... WHAM! You drop and plunge and sp... Read more

The Jungle Cruise

You are The Jungle Cruise. You have a perfect balance of action, adventure, humor, and pacing. You love the quirky and fun parts of intimacy, and you always have a "bang" or two. You are slow and stea... Read more

The Tiki Room

You are the Enchanted Tiki Room. Sex with you is always a big production. It's bright, loud, funny, and entertaining. You build slowly, understanding pacing and priorities. As you climb to passion's h... Read more

The Haunted Mansion

You are the Haunted Mansion. You are Goth and Dark, but not enough that Grandma wouldn't like you. You are a slow, sensual, and sometimes scary ride into the darkness. The aura of foreboding lingers u... Read more

Space Mountain

You are Space Mountain. You like it fast and in the dark, but you are pretty conventional. You enjoy a long slow climb to passion's height, and then a twisting, falling, turning descent into orgasm. Y... Read more

The Matterhorn

You are The Matterhorn. You're more old fashioned, and you like it rough and bumpy. Being outside is always good, because you know people are going to see you. It's nice holding onto your partner as y... Read more

Indiana Jones Adv

You are the Indiana Jones Adventure. You love to explore, going deeper and deeper. You like it fast, bumpy, and out of control. If you're behind the driver's wheel, even better. Thank goodness you hav... Read more

Peter Pan

You are Peter Pan's Flight. You are a lot faster and adventurous than others might think, and you are a smooth operator. Being with you is like taking flight, and being caressed as you take to the clo... Read more

Star Tours

You are Star Tours. You're a thrilling ride, but at the heart of it, you're very safe and welcoming. You've got your little electric buddy (R2) to make sure you are safe, and all that bouncing around ... Read more

Thunder Mountain

You are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and baby hold on tight; This here's the wildest ride in the wilderness. Dude, you are out of control like a mine car. You're whipping from side to side, dropping... Read more

Roger Rabbit

You are Roger Rabbit's Car-Toon Spin. And boy, are you a wacky and crazy one. Lots of big colorful toys, adventurous positions, spinning out of control. Sex is a game for you, and the more colorful an... Read more

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

You are Mr Toad's Wild Ride. You are out of control! Pushing, crashing, grabbing, holding on tight... You may not know what you are doing, but you are determined to have as much fun as possible while ... Read more

The Teacups

You are The Teacups. And if there is one ride that has lasted forever and stayed intense and crazy, it is you. You've outlasted all the modern gimmicks with your simple, elegant, and smooth moves. Bei... Read more

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