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3 / 27 - Omega Failure

You are nachos!

Awwwww. Nachos!

Nachos are one of Trista's favorites. They have been known to induce coma. Nachos may not be as funny as a dinosaur with a cigarette, or smoking a gnome, but who cares! You are covered in greasy cheesy and chili goodness! That's definately something to rock about.


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Chunky Peanut Butter

Wow. You got Chunky Peanut Butter, huh? Do you know how hard that is to do? There are 15 results to this test. Granted, they do require that you get SOME of the answers right. When it comes to how ... Read more


You are nachos! Awwwww. Nachos! Nachos are one of Trista's favorites. They have been known to induce coma. Nachos may not be as funny as a dinosaur with a cigarette, or smoki... Read more


You did balls! Seriously?! Oh well, being balls isn't all bad. It means that Trista ♥'s you. That, and you do have your own song: My balls dropped! em... Read more


You are a tree! Trees ♥ hoop earrings. That's why all trees are gay. If you find a hoop earring on the ground, chances are it fell off of a tree. Be a good Samaritan and stic... Read more


OMR (Oh My Ra)! MYTTENS! "Foly Huck!" is what all the cool cats say when they see bubbles. Usually these bubbles are part of The Wrath of Bubbles that can be summoned to kill spider... Read more


You are a dinosaur! Dinosaurs ♥ cigarettes! These are one of Trista's favorites. Dinosaurs have the best lives. They just stomp around and do whatever they want, and they can... Read more

Colon Cancer That Smokes

I smoke you, you sorry son-of-a-bitch! You are Colon Cancer That Smokes! Colon cancer that smokes is much more dangerous than Communicable Eye Cancer (contracted by staring a... Read more

The Poo-Candle

You are the poo-candle! Oracle of all things poo and candle. This candle with poo flame was posted on my Ones_Of_Things... Read more


You are a gnome! Gnomes are small woodland creatures that live in trees or on mushrooms. Sometimes they dwell in gardens. Gnomes are SUPER junkies, but we can benefit from it. ... Read more


Are you tired of the so-called "high life"?Do you feel as if millions of fans are stalking you where ever you go?Did your last movie deal leave you with more money then you could ever spend in your... Read more

The Dancing Twist-Tie Man

You are The Dancing Twist-Tie Man May he rest in peace. The Dancing Twist-Tie Man is from the "Dude! Where's My Spaceship?!" Trilogy universe. It is a place where teleporters go "*b... Read more

Stop Sign in Training

AWWW! Aren't you cute! You did pretty well, I'm sure you did your best. Unfortunately, your best wasn't good enough to get any of the top results. There are 3 better than this! Don't take it too perso... Read more


You are FROGDOR! Frogdor is the frog that lives with Trogdor at a park in Renton, WA. Frogdor is queen of all Toady-kins. "Little Toady-kins, you wanna be the toady... Read more

SHAUSAGE!!!! (Sausage Monster)

Shausage, shawsage, shaawsage, shausage, shawsedge. Shawsage, shausedge, shausage, shasage. Shausage. Shausage, shawsage, SHAAAAAAAAAWWWWWSSSSSSSAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!! (Roughly translated:... Read more


You are Trista! Either that, or you were an amazing guesser. Trista is really the only person that would KNOW all of my inside jokes, since her and I came up with m... Read more

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