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Their result for The SURVIVOR Game, and thus not a Test ...


175 out of 127 (women) or 254 (men) on taking chances, 110 out of 164 on strength. Higher does not mean better.

Congrats! You are one of the few to enter the game and come out victorious. Your game plan was built on working hard and being well liked. There may have been times when you had to stretch the truth, but ultimately you didn't build too many enemies. You were always popular with your tribe and you were able to take a slight leadership role, although you were careful not to intimidate those around you. You did not make any large alliances early in the game, but you had good working relationships with most of your teammates. When it came time to voting people out, people were always afraid of the consequences of trying to vote you off. After the merge you did form a loose alliance, but you always placed your relationship with individuals over your relationship with the team. You were fortunate to have your closest allies make it with you to the end, and you were chosen to go to the finals by a friend who felt indebted to you. The jury respected your game, and you won by a 6-1 margin.

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Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • risk assessment Distribution

    They scored 175% on risk assessment, higher than 58% of your peers.

  • relative health Distribution

    They scored 110% on relative health, higher than 69% of your peers.

All possible test results

16th Place

Looks like you got outwitted and outplayed. After losing the first challenge, your team decided that they wanted to get rid of the physically weaker players. You and another woman were obvious targe... Read more

6th Place

You lasted longer than most. You earned a reputation around camp as a hard worker. You formed a large alliance and were never in any real danger early in the game. Halfway through the game, your al... Read more

14th Place

Your team won the first two challenges, and you were able to stave off elimination for a bit. When your team finally lost, you thought you were safe. The women outnumbered the men on your team, and ... Read more


Congrats! You outwitted and outlasted everybody else! You realized that you might be considered a physical threat to the other women, and you decided to take a conservative strategy. Your goal was... Read more

4th Place

You approached the game with a conservative strategy of trying to avoid becoming a target. You took a few chances in the game, and put yourself in a position to win, but things turned ugly at the end... Read more

10th Place

You worked hard at camp. You never got into any fights, and you were never caught in a lie. Going into tribal council your side had the most votes. You were not surprised when you got the first two... Read more

7th Place

You were the last player chosen for your team, and that made you become an instant target. Your original plan was to lay low at the beginning of the game, but you talked to a few of the other less at... Read more

2nd Place

Well the good news is that you made it to the end. The bad news is that you never really had a chance to win. In the beginning of the game you quickly formed a 4 person alliance with 1 other woman a... Read more

3rd Place

So close... You executed a solid game plan. You realized that you were by no means the strongest physical player on your team, so you relied on your social skills to keep you afloat. Your ability to... Read more

9th Place

The first couple days you sat back and assessed your team. You decided which players were the biggest threat to you, and you came up with plans to get rid of them. You were always scheming for ways ... Read more


Congrats! You outwitted and outplayed the competition. You made it to the end without ever receiving a single vote against you. You succeeded by forming several different alliances. You always fo... Read more

8th Place

You survived the first half of the game by relying on your strength. Initially your body reacted positively to the harsh conditions, and you kept your morale high. Unfortunately, you had difficulty ... Read more

12th Place

Luck was against you this game. You entered the game prepared to lie, backstab, and do whatever was necessary to win. Things were set up great for you. Your team was down to 6 players, and you had ... Read more

15th Place

You came into the game knowing that you were the best. You were prepared to lie, be blunt, take chances, and generally stir the pot. Your general gameplan was chaos. Unfortunately, your tribe picked... Read more

13th Place

Things didn't start out promising when the bigger stronger men started calling you "the kid" on the first day. You started out with the philosophy that you were going to be honest and sweet, and that... Read more

11th Place

You came into the game with the attitude that you would be a workhorse, or at least that your team would find you as an asset in the competitions. You didn't want to make things too complicated...you... Read more

10th Place

Where did it all go wrong? Everything looked so promising at first. You were in a strong 4 person alliance. Your tribe had only lost 2 players. You even met a girl that you liked...that made every... Read more


Congrats! You are one of the few to enter the game and come out victorious. Your game plan was built on working hard and being well liked. There may have been times when you had to stretch the trut... Read more

2nd Place

You made some great choices. You knew that you weren't the strongest man on your team, and you didn't try to compete for that role. Your plan was to take some chances, but you didn't want to raise t... Read more

5th Place

At the beginning of the game, you proved yourself to be one of the stronger men, and that made you a natural leader in an otherwise weak tribe. Your team relied on your strength during challenges, an... Read more

4th Place

The first few days nearly proved disastrous for you. During a futile fishing expedition with some of the other guys, you cut your foot on a jagged shell. You were unable to do any work around the ca... Read more

15th Place

You came into the game realizing that physically you would be one of the tougher players. You wanted to assure everybody that you were a hard worker, but you didn't want to make people fear you. Ar... Read more

6th Place

You entered the game prepared to take chances. You knew that you weren't going to win by being a sweet and sensitive average Joe. Your goal in the beginning was to analyze your team and figure out w... Read more

3rd Place

Unlike some of the weaker players, you knew that this was just a game. You went in deciding that you would do whatever you needed to in order to avoid being voted out. During the first few days you p... Read more


Congrats! You approached the game with a wild plan. You decided that you were willing to do just about anything to win the game. Furthermore you realized that you weren't the strongest physical pla... Read more

9th Place

You approached the game with a philosophy that you were simply going to outplay everybody else. You had no fears about lying or hurting people's feelings. Your only concern was getting that money. I... Read more

16th Place

Simply put, your team didn't trust you. Perhaps it was because you took too many chances, more likely it was because you were inattentive to some of your teammates and decided to skip answering their... Read more

14th Place

You were the first one to go from your team. They just didn't trust you. It might have been because you seemed too sneaky and devious, but much more likely it was because you were often off on your ... Read more

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