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Their result for The Esoteric History Test ...


You scored 100 on the Historical portion, and 76 on the Esoterical!

You have evidenced a serious grasp of esoteric history in a wide range of areas! Congratulations!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Historical Distribution

    They scored 100% on Historical, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Esoterical Distribution

    They scored 76% on Esoterical, higher than 87% of your peers.

All possible test results


So, you don't seem to be very interested in these sorts of dusty-book conspiracy theories. You are at the bottom ranks. I recommend you try reading Eco's Focault's Pendulum, or maybe just Pullman's ... Read more


You seem to know more about the Esoteric aspects of this subject matter than the historical. Maybe you read a lot of fantasy? Weird. Read more


So, somehow, you don't know any of the historical elements, yet, you are a master of the Esoteric. Stop reading those occult books, and maybe read something on the French revolution, you freak. Read more


You seem to know a little about history, but not much about esoteric history. You might like Paradise list, or the nuns of Loudoun? Read more


Your occult skill is good, your basis in reality is a tad weak. People will think you are a Manson-wanna-be if you don't rectify this asap. Read more

Rob Zombie

How is it that you know so much about the Occult and weird, and you know next to nothing about the actual historical events around these ideas? For shame. At least Rob Zombie has a hit album. What ... Read more


you seem to be very interested in history, but not esoteric history at all. Why did you take this test, anyway? Were you hoping I'd be asking lots of civilwar questions? Didn't the photo at the sta... Read more

Smarter than Average

You are middle of the road for both of these subjects, which probably means that you know more than 99.999% of the population. Congrats! Read more

Occult Master

You are a master of the occult, and almost a master of history. You are nearly perfect! Read more


Your historical knowledge is excellent, however, your knowledge of the occult and esoterica are non-existant. You don't know what you're missing. Read more


You have a formidable grasp of the related historical climate and events. I'd brush up on my esoteric by reading a little pynchon and Eco, and you'll be set! Read more


You have evidenced a serious grasp of esoteric history in a wide range of areas! Congratulations! Read more

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