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You scored 62% strategy, 14% right-minded, and 39% friendliness!

You are definitely a thinker. A good game for you is one that takes alot of analyzing your situation and planning a way to outsmart your opponent. Chess is just that kind of game. Don't get too big of a head that you're playing pieces like pawns. They are, after all, just pawns. Of course Checkers and Stratego are also right up your alley.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • strategy Distribution

    They scored 62% on strategy, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • right-minded Distribution

    They scored 14% on right-minded, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • friendliness Distribution

    They scored 39% on friendliness, higher than 25% of your peers.

All possible test results


Okay, so most people don't really know how to play this game. It's a shame. This is the classic game of kicking your opponent to the ground and walking all over him. Of course, this doesn't happen ... Read more

Trivial Pursuit

You don't really get into the whole dice thing, probably because you can't control what happens. But when it comes to trivia facts, you excel. Or, at least you can make an educated guess. You are v... Read more


You like games of chance, which is why this is just the game for you. It's fun, there are a few decisions to make, but really the winner is the one most favored by luck. There's a light in your eye ... Read more


Ah, the classic board game. What's not to love about building an empire of hotels, taking your friends' money, and Chance cards. You and this game are about taking chances with the dice, making mone... Read more

Chutes and Ladders

You are easygoing, playful, and happy most of the time. You probably like this game so much because it reminds you of recess at elementary school. What's the point of getting to the top, though, whe... Read more


Get married, find ancient artifacts, and win the Nobel Prize, just as long as you get the most money in the process. You like the fact that there are things that require little thought. Did you ever... Read more


You sunk my battleship! You enjoy the suspense, just like kids playing hide and seek. Hey, you only need one other person to play the game. If you haven't tried it already, next time you play you s... Read more

Hungry Hungry Hippos

This picture explains it better than I do. Read more


Carefree, happy, and basic. Move around a dream board of wonderful sweets. Just watch out for molasses. And if for some reason you think you're too mature to play this game, another game you might ... Read more


You're smart and probably enjoy using your brain, even for entertainment. Unfortunately, others get bored while you're thinking about your next move. Why don't you just play alone today. If you've ... Read more


Okay mister know-it-all. Stop reading the dictionary and do something more productive with your time. So maybe you're not that bad. Just make sure you don't bore your opponents by taking a lifetime... Read more


Smart, analytical, and upbeat, you are a wiz when it comes to this game. You come up with several creative words while others are still looking for 3-letter words. Watch out, though, if you're too g... Read more


This game is easy enough that anybody could play it, but it takes a little bit of planning to win. So grab someone you want to outsmart and get going. If you're bored with Mancala, you might be inte... Read more

Guess Who

Playfully mysterious, this game epitomizes you. You love the cartoonish characters and their unique faces. Keep your own face straight, though, and have fun guessing. You may also find Phase 10 to ... Read more


Though I don't encourage gambling, this is a fun game that could be right up your alley. You might even be able to round up enough friends to have an exciting game. Blackjack isn't for everyone, tho... Read more


Ah, the classic card game with skips and wilds. It can be very suspenseful at times, but overall it's just really fun. Especially when you play a draw 4 wild against your competition. Read more

Bop It

Okay, so this isn't a board game. But with your bright personality and competitiveness, this is a very fun toy to pull out at your party. You are very creative, and the rhythm of the game comes natu... Read more


You are creative (as if you couldn't tell already), artistic, and just fun to be around. What better game could there be for you than Pictionary? This is the classic picture charades game, and you p... Read more


You are definitely a thinker. A good game for you is one that takes alot of analyzing your situation and planning a way to outsmart your opponent. Chess is just that kind of game. Don't get too big... Read more


If you haven't played rook yet you sure are missing out. Similar to Hearts, this game belongs to the person who can strategically play his suits to take a lead over his opponents. It also helps to p... Read more


Whether it was Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with the revolver or Mr. Green in the Dining Room with the candlestick, you've got a knack for finding it faster than most anybody else. If not, then you p... Read more


Okay, general, this one's for you. Start off your next game trying to take Asia as your first continent. You're probably up for the challenge. With your highly strategic mind and lack of sensitivit... Read more

Connect Four

Someone's eventually going to get four in a row. Fortunately, you always have the advantage, seeing as you are more strategically minded than others. If, however, you lose, you are easygoing enough ... Read more


Could you really make it on Wall Street? This game was made to simulate the actual stock market. Well, kind of. Trade cards until everything in your hand is the same. In other words, lots of yelli... Read more


Congratulations. Whether it's a broken heart, water on the knee, or butterflies in the stomach, you love the chance to show your talents. But watch out. One day you might find that amputation doesn... Read more

Husker Du

Otherwise known as Memory. You would rather play several games in a row than one 6 hour game. Most people would consider this as a sign that you are not a serious board gamer. At least it's short a... Read more


Taboo, Scattergories, and Charades also fit into this category, but Balderdash has the best all worlds. Like you, this game is fun and upbeat, with endless possibilities. Do yourself a favor, though... Read more

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