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Barely literate

You have not learned to read properly. Read more

Intolerable Taste

You have heretofore been reading mostly garbage. Read more

Lazy Reader

You can read good literature if you want to, but you usually don't want to. Read more


You have some specialization in literature, but do not have a well-rounded knowledge of dead dude literature. Read more


You probably studied literature in college. Read more


You can't get enough old literature! Read more


You are probably putting yourself through grad school or otherwise making a living by reading. Read more


If you do not already have a career in literature/writing, you should probably consider one. Read more


Not only do you read everything under the sun, you remember it! You are a sponge for language. Read more


Not only are you well-versed in traditional Western literature, you have a culturally diverse, post-colonial understanding of fiction and poetry. No one you know can name a good book you haven't read... Read more


You cheated! Read more

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