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your gettin there

You are 53% pervert

Description 3 try a few more things and call me

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    They scored 53% on pervert, higher than 34% of your peers.

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Description 1 your a prude you need to get a life Read more

good mate for my sis

Description 2 you about experimental enough for my sister Read more

your gettin there

Description 3 try a few more things and call me Read more

Category 4

Description 4 you just about got me off then you "pussied" out!! Read more

Category 5

Description 5 you are booty call material!!!! Read more

Category 6

Description 6 do you need a fuck buddy? I'm available, IM me!! Read more

Category 7

Description 7 Oh my God, you're perfect. Will you marry me? SERIOUSLY!!!! Read more

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