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You are from the Sun!

Yes, you are correct; the sun is not a planet.  It is, however, where you are from.

I used the sun as one of the possible places for alien life to come from for several reasons.   One is that it is the life force of Earth.  Without the light and warmth of the sun we would not be able to maintain life here.  It is, therefore, worth considering as a life bearing celestial body.  Besides, our Earth and the other planets do revolve around the sun.

There are many gods and goddesses around the world associated with the sun.  Since it is so important it’s no wonder that ancient civilizations paid homage to the bright star.  Apollo is the Greek god that represents the son.  He is said to bring life and beauty to us.  He is also associated with music and the arts.

So, what does this say about you?

It says that you have great self awareness and vitality.  You are considerate and would do well taking leadership roles in life.  You may tend to be a bit controlling, but you are gracious about it.  You have a strong desire for compassion and love the arts.  You may be warm and generous, but you also don’t like to see waste – like people wasting away their lives.  You think that life should be lived to the fullest, and the best way to do that is to use the talents and gifts that you have.  It’s no wonder people find you fascinating!

So, continue on, my Sun child.  You make the world a brighter place.

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