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You are from Ceres!

Ah ha!  So, you are from Ceres!  You know what that means, don’t you?  (I mean besides my being right?)

Ceres is the smallest dwarf planet in our solar system.  It has eluded astronomers until 1871.  We knew your planet was supposed to be there between Mars and Jupiter, but you kept eluding us.  

Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest.  She was very caring and nurturing, which in my book means she may have been one of the very first aliens to land on this planet.  She stayed and fed us and taught us how to farm.  Perhaps she was being kind, or perhaps she was just teaching us to eat well so her fellow aliens could come back and eat us!

But what does this mean about you?  Well, if you are from Ceres it’s most likely that you are very nurturing and as a parent you take very good care of your children.  You have what people call a mothering instinct.  

You also have a special relationship with food.  You probably like to cook and don’t mind eating either.  You might even have that Italian trait where you like to feed everyone around you.  You enjoy friends and family and just hanging out.  

If you have kids you are able to juggle the at home responsibilities with the work and other things you have going on in your busy daily life.  People probably look at you and wonder how in the heck you get it all done, but you do.  They probably have no idea that you are an alien among them.  

But I know your secret!

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You are from Ceres!

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