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Porn Star

I scored 86 on the Horniness test!

You love the sex. it may not me the driving force in your life, but it's pretty important to you. You are one horny little bugger ain't ya?. Yes you are!, you really really are!. What are you doing tonight?, wear something tight, I'll pick you up at eight. Just leave the midgets at home this time, okay?.

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    They scored 86% on horniness, higher than 93% of your peers.

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Breath on a mirror!

Either you have no genitals or maybe you're dead?. Take this test again you Liar. Read more

No nooky 4 U EVER

Well then, we think you're a houseplant. Maybe some kind of low level insect. Like maybe a worm, or perhaps a maggot. Either way, you don't like the nasty. Are you sure you are a human being?. Take th... Read more

Get yer hands off me

You're a little teeny tiny bit Horny. At least we know you're not dead. Something to work on I guess. Maybe you just need some oysters and chocolate?. Lot's to work on though. You realize there are on... Read more

I'm so scared!

Below average horniness. You do get a bit of a buzz once in a while, but not often. Pretty rare in fact. Maybe you just need to get laid. Okay, no maybes; you DO need to get laid. We suggest starting ... Read more

Is it Broken?

Are you a nun?, or maybe a priest?. Okay, maybe not a priest; (that would score higher), but you must be some kind of clergy. No healthy person scores this low without a good reason. Stop riding your ... Read more

I'd rather watch TV

Yikes. you know, there are medical treatements avaialble for your condition. Mind you America's "Funniest Home Videos" is prtty funny. Bob Saggat Rules. Take the test again, and this time answer HONES... Read more

Sexual Sloth

Hummm, perhaps you have some kinda of pysychological impairment?. You don't want to get off as much as most people. In fact you don't really like sex all that much. Maybe you are just in self denial?.... Read more

Average Joe/Jill

You are of average horniness in every way. Nothing special here. Nope. You like sex about as much as everyone else. Yup, that's you. Average isn't bad you know. It's just,... Average. Do you like vani... Read more

Sexual Muffin

You are slightly more horny than the average person. Really, you like getting 10 kinds of nasty, but will settle for 5, but you will go out of your way to get it. You score hornier than than most, but... Read more


Lookit you go!, yeah!. You tail chasing little horn dog!. You like the nasty. Not so much that you would do ANYTHING to get it. But with the right person (or people) you would go pretty far. The world... Read more

Bucka Bow!

You enjoy the feel of a good long hard screw. You're willing to do just about anything to get it, but not quite. In school you were the adventurous one, and today is no different. But you're not quite... Read more


Slut is a GOOD thing. Means you'll sleep with just about anyone. Everyone is fair game. And thanks to people like you, everyone has a chance at getting laid. Now get your hands out of your pants. Now ... Read more

Porn Star

You love the sex. it may not me the driving force in your life, but it's pretty important to you. You are one horny little bugger ain't ya?. Yes you are!, you really really are!. What are you doing to... Read more

Sex Addict

WOW, you have an un-yielding sexual appetite. You can't go for more than a few minutes without some kind of sexual release. You enjoy sex maybe TOO much. It can be dangerous. Maybe you need some pysch... Read more

Complete FREAK

You literally LIVE for the orgasm. You could care less about anything other than cumming. You enjoy a good screw, and then when you're done, you enjoy another good f**k. And once that's finished, noth... Read more

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