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You are Mulan! Above all other things, you are brave. Your courage in defending the weak, and helpless, those you care about and love, is seccond to none. You have the brains and the skill to be very successful, the firey spirit to dare to act on your thoughts, and the knowledge that allows you to question what is around you rather than just accept it. You will fight for what you believe in, living life to the full, not tied down by romance, but accepting it with someone who knows how to have fun and seek out new experiences. You thrive on respect, entertainment, leadership, and winning, always happier when you are out taking action than sitting calmly at home. Alongside all this is your love of your family, meaning you will always be there for them, and will always keep them happy and safe.

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Wow, you're a little bit of everything! Like Cinderella, You feel duty to family, friends, love, having a nice life, and using your head, so you're nicely well rounded. Cinderella dreamed of something... Read more


You are Tinkerbell! Just like the little minx herself you have a good sense of humour, fun and adventure, and flit around causing mayhem but looking out for those you care about. You aren't afraid to ... Read more


Just like Lady from Lady and the Tramp, you value your family highly and would be very unhappy if you ever felt they didn't care about you anymore. Although you may fall in love, your lover will proba... Read more


You are Pocahontas! Just like her, you know where your roots are - in your family. You have a home, a way of life, and people who are very dear to you, and you wouldnt change it and would defend it, t... Read more

Sleeping Beauty

You are Sleeping Beauty! Quite the old fashioned romantic, you are the original love story and fairy tale for most people, the girl who waits for her Prince to come and awake her. You know that those ... Read more

Maid Marion

You are Maid Marion! Like her, you are a romantic, loving your darling even if the rest of the world is against them, drawn to their side even if you are forbidden. You have the brains and the courage... Read more

Snow White

You are Snow white! Family is just as important to you as love, and both go hand in hand for you. You know in your heart that you are destined to be someones Princess, to meet your prince, but in the ... Read more


You are Jasmine! Although love is important to you, and you can be quite independent and brave, even more important than those things is your family. You wont obey what they say without question, as y... Read more


You are Alice from Alice in Wonderland! Like Alice you are very confident and curious, if there's an adventure going on you want to be part of it! It dosen't make you any less alluring, but love isn't... Read more


You are Esmerelda! Like her, you have a good sharp mind, and can look after yourself, no one could catch you if you didn't want to be caught! Although you can be a romantic, you wouldn't be fooled int... Read more


You are Mulan! Above all other things, you are brave. Your courage in defending the weak, and helpless, those you care about and love, is seccond to none. You have the brains and the skill to be very ... Read more


You are Lilo! Like Lilo you are an individual, able to think fast, brave enough to face danger, and with so much love for your family and friends that you would do anything for them. No situation faze... Read more


You are Jane! From Disney's Tarazan, you are a plucky young woman, always happy to explore and discover, brainy and lively. You can be afraid of things, but you're a fighter at heart, and won't let go... Read more


You are Meg! You aren't lacking in anything, except perhaps a soft and ladylike side, but even you have a big open heart. You will go all out for love, for what is right, and for justice, but you aren... Read more


You are Ariel! Ariel is for some the ultimate disney heroine, the girl who defies everything she knows for the sake of love. While you care a great deal about your family and friends, and would never ... Read more


You are Belle! As the Ultimate Disney Female, you have a bit of everything! You are brave, happy to face beasts and wolves and evil men to save those you love, and exploring dark rooms with a wonderfu... Read more

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