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Their result for The Fight Club Trivia and Purity Test ...


Tyler Durden says you scored ###%

You're not completely clueless.... but really thats about all I can say about you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • MayhemPoints Distribution

    They scored 35% on MayhemPoints, higher than 27% of your peers.

All possible test results

My Cousin Jimmy

You haven't even SEEN the movie, have you? Or maybe you have, but you were drunk.... whatever the case its no excuse and I expect better from my space monkeys! Read more

Jack (The Narrator)

You're Jack and you're clueless about what is going on. You aren't even sure about who you are, but at least you've seen the movie. Read more


You're not completely clueless.... but really thats about all I can say about you. Read more

Space Monkey

You're walking the line of Fight Club geekdom,.. you strive to hit rock bottom and fell an evil international corporation all with a shaved head. Remember, you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. Read more


You're confused,... but you have every right to be. Next time you watch Fight Club, take some notes and be the Tyler Durden you are inside... I mean, at least you're trying to hit rock bottom... Read more

Angel Face

You are second in command of the Tyler Durden Army. You are to start your own cell and work completely independantly of him.... too bad your face looks like meatloaf (no pun intended) Read more

Tyler Durden

You are Tyler Durden. You know what is going on, you have a plan for what will go on and you have some chemicals in your pocket right now that could blow up the Sears Tower..... make others fear you..... Read more

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