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Their result for The Tell Me All About Your Cock Test ...


Your cock scored 8 length, 3 girth, 6 velocity, and 2 rigidity. HOOOOOWEEEEE!!!

Length and speed are a good combination when combined with skill.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • length Distribution

    They scored 8% on length, higher than 98% of your peers.

  • girth Distribution

    They scored 3% on girth, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • velocity Distribution

    They scored 6% on velocity, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • rigidity Distribution

    They scored 2% on rigidity, higher than 4% of your peers.

All possible test results

Puny and Pathetic

Your cock is tiny and useless. Read more

Little Stiffy

It's a stiff one, but there's not much else going on. Hone your skills to make up for what you're lacking. Read more

Speedy Gonzales

Your cock moves fast! Maybe too fast! Read more

Speeding Bullet

What your cock lacks in size and girth, it makes up for in steely determination. Read more

Jabba the Hutt

Your cock is fat, but that's all it has going for it. Read more

Mighty Oak

Not a bad combination! Your cock probably leaves quite an impression. Read more

Chubby Chaser

You've got girth, you've got velocity, but is that enough? Read more

Pocket Rocket

The only thing your cock lacks is length, but with everything else it has going for it, that's probably not much of an issue. Read more

Wet Noodle

Your cock might be impressive at a quick glance, but it's not actually very useful. Read more

Steel Rod

It's long and hard. Perfect for slow thrusting. Read more


Length and speed are a good combination when combined with skill. Read more

The Piston

Your cock almost has it all! Like a real piston, good lubrication is essential for long-term performance. Read more

Big Guy

Your cock has impressive proportions, but it's not designed for performance. Read more

Slow Ride

Big, hard, and slow, your cock is a crowd pleaser. Read more

The Air Jordan

Big and graceful, your cock has what it takes to score. Read more

Ultimate Power Cock

Wow, watch where you point that thing! Your cock is the holy grail of cocks, possessing length, girth, velocity, AND rigidity. I'd love to see it some time. *wink* Read more

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