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Out of a maximum of 150: 100 Diplomat, 35 Axis of Evil, 60 Crusader, -20 Jarrocks


Well done for completing the test, being that sad alone shows that you will fit in rather well with the Nations community! You've done the test directly from OKCupid, then why not try playing the game at http://z3.invisionfree.com/NationsGame/index.php?act=idx?

Explanations for each category:


You play for the debates, for the arguments and for the joys of outwitting your opponents while encouraging your country to grow great and strong. Peaceful nations with links to international organisations suit this approach so you'll probably enjoy playing as any of the EU member states bar perhaps the United Kingdom, South America bar perhaps Venezuela or most of the Commonwealth such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Axis of Evil

You play for the scheming, the espionage and the putting one over on your opponents by getting away with blue murder when it comes to WMD production. Some of the more... dubious nations come under this category and while Iran, Syria and Venezuela are usually cited as the three leaders of this category in game, plenty of other countries lean this way. Basically, you want a country that is believed to sponsor terrorism, has strong anti-Western or even just anti-American sentiments, and/or is a member of OPEC.


You play for the battles, the moral high ground, and the ability to pretend you're doing the right thing purely because you have an Atlantic coastline. NATO countries, and in particular the USA and it's close allies, are where you want to be. If it is involved in the War on Terror then it should be right up your street and all's the better if it packs enough of a military punch to make that worthwhile.


Named after one of Nations' most... colourful historical players. He is the reason for Uganda being known as Ugonda, he is the reason that we no longer have overt arms dealing boards and he is the current record holder for fastest ban in Nations history. If you scored highest in this area: APPLY FOR THE MENTOR PROGRAM NOW!

Whether it makes us sound like hippies or not, we love everybody and don't simply turn players down at the door (unless you push us really really hard). However, we do take our game rather seriously and perhaps you should learn from more experienced players how to get the most out of the second life that is: Nations.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Diplomat Distribution

    They scored 100% on Diplomat, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Axis of Evil Distribution

    They scored 35% on Axis of Evil, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • Crusader Distribution

    They scored 60% on Crusader, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • Jarrocks Distribution

    They scored -20% on Jarrocks, higher than 14% of your peers.

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