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Low Average

You scored

You either didn't answer enough questions, or you just glossed over the test. Regardless, you don't show any dominating trait. So, that means you're pretty good with yourself, as you are equal on all 4 points of your personality. Of course, they are low, so it could just mean that you're not in touch with yourself.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Organization Distribution

    They scored 47% on Organization, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • Morality Distribution

    They scored 45% on Morality, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • Adaptability Distribution

    They scored 45% on Adaptability, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • Creativity Distribution

    They scored 43% on Creativity, higher than 48% of your peers.

All possible test results

Low Average

You either didn't answer enough questions, or you just glossed over the test. Regardless, you don't show any dominating trait. So, that means you're pretty good with yourself, as you are equal on all ... Read more


The fact that you're an Artist type means you have a high creativity score. That doesn't mean you're necessarily good at drawing, or sculpting, or writing, or whatever. That just means you are good at... Read more


Your dominant trait is your Adaptability. That means you're flexible. While you're not as good at creating new things, you are good at improving on things that are already there- and that's equally as... Read more


Oh yeah. You're good. Not only do you have a high creativity score, you also have a good adaptability score. That means you can easily invent solutions to the most difficult problems. However, it migh... Read more


You have a high Morality score. That's both good and bad. It's good, because that means you're a decent human being. It's bad, because your other traits are less developed, and you might get in the wa... Read more


Now, don't take this the wrong way. You are probably not a prophet in the strictest sense of the word. However, your creativity allows you to come up with brilliant ideas on how to spread your moralit... Read more


An interesting combination. You are both Moral and Flexible. This means you are a good liar. Not because you lied on the test, but because you can bend your morality to suit you, while still remaining... Read more


Very similar to the Prophet type, but you are not only good at spreading your ideas, you're also good at adapting old beliefs to your system. If you were to start an idea, it would probably take off w... Read more


You have a high Organization score. Good for you! It goes without saying that you would be good at administration. You would know where everything is, keep in touch with a large amount of people, and ... Read more


A mind that is both good at organizing and creating things. Well done! You have the ability to come up with solutions, and to systemize them, plan them out, and realize them. Definitely consider some ... Read more


Flexible, and organized. Well done! You possess a great strength. Not only can you adapt to your surroundings, you can also impose your will on them, thanks to your thorough approach to everything. Yo... Read more

Mad Scientist

You are similar to the Scientist type- you are good at inventing solutions, and systemizing them, but you also are adaptible. That means you are not strictly limited to your field- you would probably ... Read more

Holy Warrior

Not only are you a moral person, you're also well organized. That means you are capable of being concise about your morals, and prove to people why you are right. That's a very good trait, and I would... Read more


Once again, not an actual priest, but you would be good at administrating something that oversees morality- a religion. Try getting together with the Prophets, Messiahs, and Administrators- while you ... Read more


You obviously believe in something bigger than yourself. Either the law, or God, or Gods, or technology, whatever. Either way, you know there's something bigger than you, and you are there to uphold i... Read more

Strong Average

You are in touch with all of your personality traits. You possess them all in high quantities. You might have a leading trait, and a lagging trait- so focus on those. That way, you can easily become t... Read more

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