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Dumb redhead

Not quite as sexy as a dumb blonde, you're super sweet, almost shall we say charming, yet...well...you need to stop gambling, or smoking, or watching so much TV or something. It's ok, you'll live past 50, though.

Well, red-heads have their time and place as well, don't they? If you actually are a redhead, please let me know. Or not.

(Thanks to everyone who actually does let me know. I love you all!)

All possible test results

Dumb fatso

Sorry, but you suck. Try to grow up a bit, be a little nicer to yourself and to others. Also, it doesn't hurt to try at things, such as school or work, or to read a book now and then. Also, get off... Read more

Dumb jerk

You're dumb. (Or should I say, "your dum"?) You're a prick. You still haven't grown up. But at least you get some exercise and eat sort-of healthy foods. Perhaps you are or were an athlete at sch... Read more

Althletic asshole

Are you or were you into varsity sports? Perhaps a cheerleader or football hero? Well, go you. At least you know how to treat your body well. You are pretty darn healthy, but you didn't score so h... Read more

Ugly smarty-pants

Wow, you're not dumb! Go you! ...however, you're a jerk, you're as mature as a 7-year old, and you're probably overweight. I know you can do better than that! Put your brain to use and start makin... Read more

The Grouch

You're mean and immature. But that's ok, because at least you're not ugly. Also, you're pretty smart. Are you one of those over-dramatic types, or perhaps an AngryGoth? Heavy metal? No? Hmmm... ... Read more

Cold Star

Damn, you're hot! ...and brilliant as well! That makes you a star, right, like the sun? But you could work on being more kind to others, and perhaps grow out of the 15-year-old phase at some point.... Read more

Clueless Cherub

Round, childish, didn't care for learning...but sweet as an angel! Aww...you're a cherub! Nice people rock. :D Read more

Dumb redhead

Not quite as sexy as a dumb blonde, you're super sweet, almost shall we say charming, yet...well...you need to stop gambling, or smoking, or watching so much TV or something. It's ok, you'll live pas... Read more

Dumb blonde

Beautiful, gorgeous, kind-hearted...clueless! You're the perfect dumb blonde. Congrats! I'm sure you're the most popular kid on the block! ...perhaps after you grow up a bit you'll start reading m... Read more

Fat genius

You are really smart. You are also really kind. However, you gotta start taking better care of yourself. Try going for a short walk. I promise you'll feel better when you get back than you did whe... Read more

8-year-old angel

While you still have more immature pursuits, you are quite smart, actually not too un-healthy, and a total sweetheart! Awww! It's ok, I like candy too. Whatever you do with your life, it'll probabl... Read more

Immature woner

Perhaps a touch unwise, you are sexy, sweet, and smart...isn't that all we really need in life? More people like you? Read more

Largely wise

You seem to have the basics in life very well mapped out, but you still gotta work on things like, say, your health, your niceness, and your grades. Or if you're out of school, your reading level. Read more

Wise yet dumb.

You are grown-up, moderately healthy, yet you missed some of the finer points of education somewhere along the way. That's ok. Being so mean isn't. Still, I bet you're pretty cute when you want to ... Read more

The Asshole/Bitch

You've got life figured out. You know what's cool, you've grown up, and let's face it: you're hot. Steaming. Damn. But do you have to be so cruel? ...and perhaps pick up a book more often to l... Read more

Brilliant Loner

Let's face it, you're smart, wise about the way of things, grown up, did well in school...but you don't really look after yourself or others. You'd probably be a lot happier if you started on those. Read more

Average 30-year-old

You've grown up, done your reading assignments, and stay pretty healthy. But you're a touch cold toward the outside world. Is there a reason? Do you spend too much time alone? Perhaps smiling more... Read more

Single CEO

You're probably a loner, but you have the gym membership and use it regularly. You are smart, wise beyond your years...just a bit on the mean side. That's ok. You're smart enough to work around tha... Read more

Friend's Grandma/pa

Perhaps a bit on the round side, you are jolly, grown-up, and not that dissimilar to Santa Claus. Sure you could stand to read a few more good books and watch a bit less elfish TV, but at least you'r... Read more

Cookie Baker

Ahh...what a sweetheart you are. You feed all the neighborhood kids snacks after school, do some shopping on foot, and are generally grown-up. Perhaps you're not the breadwinner, but you're nice eno... Read more

Blonde Nurse

Not quite smart enough to be a doctor, you're very nice to those in and out of need, you are on your feet or otherwise staying healthy, and you have grown up. We like people like you. It's ok to be ... Read more

Bakesale Organizer

You handle responsibility really well, do nice things for others, and are actually pretty smart! However, you're a bit, well, teddybear-esque. But that's ok! You'll die young, but at least you foun... Read more

Minor Deity

Ooooh...you're smart! You're mature and have a good understanding of the finer things in life. ...AND you bless your worshippers, and sometimes even non-worshippers. Plus you're pretty cute. I lik... Read more


What is there to say? You are incredibly good-looking, well humoured, and a sweetheart. Plus, wise beyond your years. I like you already. Way to lead the pack. I'm sure you've amassed a fair numb... Read more

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