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Their result for The Your Type of Guy Test ...

The Stunning Gentleman

23% Sexy-Cute, 55% Dark-Light and 75% Quirky-Formal!

Prissy? High-maintenance? Do these things really matter when he looks so nice and would be totally willing to walk around with you on his arm like you were the center of the universe?  I think not.  And some say "old-fashioned" like it's a bad thing, bah!


And if you'd care to sample some of the other fineries...

Sexy Dark Quirky The Hardcore Guy
Sexy Dark Casual The Brooding Recluse
Sexy Dark Formal The Film Noir
Sexy Neither Quirky The Hipster
Sexy Neither Casual The Knockout
Sexy Neither Formal The Stunning Gentleman
Sexy Light Quirky The Artist
Sexy Light Casual The Boy Next Door
Sexy Light Formal The Prince Charming
Cute Dark Quirky The Goth Boy
Cute Dark Casual The Bad Boy
Cute Dark Formal The Retro Guy
Cute Neither Quirky The Indie Guy
Cute Neither Casual The Pretty Boy
Cute Neither Formal The Nerd
Cute Light Quirky The Activist
Cute Light Casual The Best Friend
Cute Light Formal The Square

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sexy-Cute Distribution

    They scored 23% on Sexy-Cute, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • Dark-Light Distribution

    They scored 55% on Dark-Light, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Quirky-Formal Distribution

    They scored 75% on Quirky-Formal, higher than 97% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Nerd

Unlike the glorified "geek-chic" trend, he's the real deal.  This slightly darker cousin of the Square, complete with slide rule and pocket protector, is ready to code, measure... Read more

The Indie Guy

While he may not have mastered the sex appeal of The Hipster, he's a bit more diverse and adventurous (and probably a lot nicer).  He may be too enthusiastic about sharing his... Read more

The Film Noir

He may not be cut out for standard heroism, but knights in shining armour are kind of boring, right?  The Film Noir (anti-hero, villain, etc.) exudes class, mystery, and a devil may care attitude,... Read more

The Hardcore Guy

Unlike the more effeminate Goth Boy, the Hardcore Guy is... well, like the name says, a bit less delicate and a bit edgier.  As depicted, he's the kind of guy who's most likely to be covered in ta... Read more

The Brooding Recluse

This guy can, on rare occasions, be spotted at a coffee shops, dive bars, and/or hipster parties, looking delectably disheveled and probably a bit grumpy.  You see, he's been dragged away from his... Read more

The Prince Charming

He rides in on a white horse looking like a million bucks and tips his hat to you while he's holding open the door.  He's a classic great catch with manners, charm, a dazzling smile, and possibly ... Read more

The Artist

Passionate, enthusiastic, and maybe even talented, the artist wants to show off his creativity in every way possible.  He may go out of his way to be in-your-face, but like the Hipster, there's ju... Read more

The Boy Next Door

Like the Best Friend, he's harmless, unpretentious, and maybe even a little oblivious.  But, the sweet, unassuming Boy Next Door has a little something extra that makes the temptation to lie abo... Read more

The Stunning Gentleman

Prissy? High-maintenance? Do these things really matter when he looks so nice and would be totally willing to walk around with you on his arm like you were the center of the universe?  I think n... Read more

The Hipster

He trascends the bounds of irony and edginess, his taste is questionable at times and immaculate at others, and the only accessory you can be guaranteed he won't abandon is a can... Read more

The Knockout

Don't let the title fool you, this type isn't just any vapid hot guy you can find dozens of shirtless mirror pics of.  He's a little more subtle than a one trick pony who is just sexy.  ... Read more

The Retro Guy

Less brooding and more fun than the Film Noir type is the dark, clean, retro Retro Guy.  He may be a bit rockabilly, steampunk, or other highly reminiscent style, and he may realise that history c... Read more

The Goth Boy

So, the dark charms of pseudo-seances, black clove cigarettes, and Goth Juice hairspray is your cup of tea?  The Goth Boy provides all that and probably more, including being the last self-identif... Read more

The Bad Boy

Authority figures told you over and over to stay away, but you just couldn't help yourself.  He's scruffy, he's got an attitude, but really, he's more ferocious puppy than vicious pitbull.  No ma... Read more

The Square

He's good looking, he's well-dressed, and he's got a lovely smile.  A perfect picture of what a happy, successful, principled person should look like.  He may not be the most e... Read more

The Activist

What others might call "dirty" is anything but a turnoff to you.  The long haired, dumpster-salvaged, protest-worn look is just what you like.  Some may find him too "extreme" (and call you cra... Read more

The Best Friend

He's the sweetest, most unthreatening guy imaginable.  Traits like "high-maintenance" and "smoldering" will never be ascribed to him, but he will always, always be there for you.  After all, that... Read more

The Pretty Boy

Middle of the road scores indicate you might like an average, no-frills, just-good-looking kind of guy.  While your taste may not be considered "discerning", some might think it saintly that you'r... Read more

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