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William F Doyle

You scored 48% Slayerness, 49% Broodyness, 49% Demonology, and 53% Power!

You are Doyle! Not particularly strong or knowledgeable, but true in spirit. You have learnt from past mistakes and you are a tool for the Powers that Be, you work with Angel and do good. Your half-demon which gives you more power then the average guy but you hide your true self through fear of being hurt. You saved Los Angeles from genocide by giving your life for the greater good and preventing the ones you care about from doing it themselves. You are heroic.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Slayerness Distribution

    They scored 48% on Slayerness, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • Broodyness Distribution

    They scored 49% on Broodyness, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • Smarts Distribution

    They scored 49% on Smarts, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • Power Distribution

    They scored 53% on Power, higher than 67% of your peers.

All possible test results

Alexander Harris

You are Xander, fun loving, caring and kind. Not necessarily smart or strong. Though your heart keeps those that matter to the world on their feet. Literally in a few circumstances. Your a fighter and... Read more

William F Doyle

You are Doyle! Not particularly strong or knowledgeable, but true in spirit. You have learnt from past mistakes and you are a tool for the Powers that Be, you work with Angel and do good. Your half-de... Read more

Cordelia Chase

You are Cordelia Chase. You have no great skills but your caring nature brought you to do good. Your words often hurt others but you are not a bad person and all the good you do eventually brings you... Read more

Rupert Giles

You are Giles, stout and true. You are not afraid to make sacrifices and you will do whatever it takes to safeguard the preservation of mankind. You are intelligent and without you there would be no w... Read more

Wesley Wyndam Pryce

You are Wesley. The righteous shall walk a thorny path. You have had to change and have been through a lot in your life. Your friends have betrayed you, you have almost died on numerous occasions. You... Read more

Willow Rosenburg

You are Willow, the most powerful Wiccan to ever walk the earth. You have used your powers to bring slayers back to life, reign havoc on the demonworld. You strike fear into the hearts of high demons... Read more

Daniel Ozbourne

You are Oz Quiet and thoughtful, you only speak when you need to. You are cool and people aspire to be like you. Looked up at by your peers you seldom make a mistake. You are kind and people are attr... Read more

Lindsey Mcdonald

You are Lindsey, Intelligent and Cunning, you used to work for Wolfram & Hart until the insane path of evil was too much and you turned your back on it. You are not the most just person in the world ... Read more


You are Adam, Artifically created by insane but intelligent, Doctor Walsh. You understand little of the world around you, but learn quick. You are a hybrid of Demon, Man and Machine. Stronger then a... Read more

Winifred Burkle

You are Fred, Intelligent and funny, you were torn from your world and lived alone in a cave for years. You were solitary for so long, but now you have been found and can yourself again. No more lone... Read more


You are Anyanka Vengeance Demon, formally known as Aud. You were chosen because of your vengeful hate by D'Hoffryn. You are 1100 years old and have seen much. You have caused so much evil, created di... Read more


You are William the Bloody, Vampyr. Given your name because of your bloody awful poetry before you were turned by Drusilla, your sire. Renamed to Spike after your lust for battle brought down two sla... Read more

Dawn Summers

You are Dawn. Younger sister of the Slayer, made by Monks using the same blood as the Chosen one. Your pure green energy makes you the desire of Gods but you are not evil, you are innoccent and what ... Read more


You are a Potential, turned into a Slayer by Willow. You are Kennedy, blunt and strong willed. You have a good future and a good heart. You are spontaneous and will do much good, because you care. Yo... Read more


You are Illyria, An Ancient Power that once ruled this dimension as a God of Demons. You are one of the old that all sleep in the deeper well. Released by Wolfram & Hart and taking the shell of Winif... Read more

Daniel Holtz

You are the Vampire Hunter, Holtz A normal man with cunning and a vast will that is undying, not even time can quench it. Your beloved wife and children were murdered brutally by Angelus and Darla an... Read more


You are Kendra, the Vampire Slayer You are a classic Slayer, well trained and disciplined and are much like all your predecessors, apart from Buffy. You are a great martial artists and no normal Vamp... Read more

Buffy Summers

You are Buffy. Chosen. Died twice. Saved the world a lot. You are she, the one that stands between the end of the world and the preservation of it. You have power, more then any. All know it and you... Read more


You are Caleb As strong as any Slayer, if not more. You were corrupted by it, serving evil, and eventually the First Evil. You turn to God to appreciate your sins and you are bent on serving your God... Read more

Riley Finn

You are Riley, Bold and Strong, you fight the demon world with a black and white philosophy. Working on and off, for the Goverment, you do what you can for the good fight. You represent all that is g... Read more

Faith Lehane

You are Faith Slayer, tormented by her own mind. Insane. You were drawn to the dark because of your confusion and attached yourself to a father figure whom doubled as something really evil. Though y... Read more


You are Darla Strong and Cunning, you served in the Masters court for a hundred years. The last of the Aurelius Order of Vampyrs. Over 400 years old you are Angelus's sire, his mentor. You brought so... Read more


You are the Ripper, Before Giles became a Watcher he was a very powerful warlock whom enjoyed chaos, until his friends died around him. Driving him unto the path of good. The Ripper has surfaced a fe... Read more


You are Angelus Liam, turned by Darla, renamed Angelus after you tore your Village apart. You cut your way through continents with Darla at your side, the most vicious creature to ever live, the smar... Read more

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