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Congratulations! You are ### redneck!

Yee-Haw!! Ya be a redneck. Kay Y'all?

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    They scored 71% on redneck, higher than 86% of your peers.

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Occasional Redneck

You arn't a total redneck, but you sometimes find youself growing a mullet yielding a beer and watching drag racing. Read more

Wanna-be Redneck

You're nearly there. Ya'll just need to figure out the finer details of how to be a real redneck. Read more


Yee-Haw!! Ya be a redneck. Kay Y'all? Read more

Total Hillbilly

I have nothing more to say. You are a total redneck. Invite George Bush over for some beer and BBQ roadkill. Be sure to show him your 'classic car' collection in your front yard, as well as your beer ... Read more

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