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Their result for The Are You Poetic or Pathetic? Test ...

Hot Ice

You scored 50 handsomeness -that is, how nice and gorgeous you are, 57 variability, which tells how open-minded you are, and 50 hornyness!

You don't take things for granted, you live your life. Somewhat cold in bed. Wanna be my pal?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • handsomeness Distribution

    They scored 50% on handsomeness, higher than 14% of your peers.

  • variability Distribution

    They scored 57% on variability, higher than 35% of your peers.

  • hornyness Distribution

    They scored 50% on hornyness, higher than 28% of your peers.

All possible test results

Shamefaced pathetic

It almost hurts. You are a sad cartoon of what a human should be. Nevermind, keep looking for someone who fits you! Read more

Pimp/Horny Cow

You don't mind about anybody, as long as they please you in bed. I hope you can, at least, provide some pleasure in that field... Read more

Hot Ice

You don't take things for granted, you live your life. Somewhat cold in bed. Wanna be my pal? Read more

Plain Horny

What else can I say? You might care about many stuff, but the REAL thing for you seem to be seXXX. Read more

Cold-blooded Reptile

My very much scientific test tells me that you must suffer from some horrible penis/clitoris or hypophysis absence. Just not interested in love-making affairs, eh? Wanna be my pal? Read more

Funky Goat

Things are simple from your standpoint: is it fun? Then, you're into it. You should call me one of this days. Read more

Stable Table

Sweet love: wanna make out? Read more


...And horny. Interesting combination. Hope I can kiss you one of this days. Read more

Nice guy/gal

May I recomend some kinky stuff to spice-up your life? Don't be so tender, for fuck's sake. Read more

Ideal Fun

You are a combination of a horny goat, an amusing evening and a nice friend. Hope to see you soon. Read more

Good 1Night Stand

But lacking some malice to be the ideal lover. Hope we'll meet again! Read more

Great Lover

Bet must people fly around you like bees around honey. They don't? Promess I will! Read more

Chocolate Bar

The best therapy against depression. Caring and stable! Think of it: we could be friends OR lovers. What do you say? Read more


Horny, caring and somehow stable... I think we should meet or... maybe it would be safer not to. Read more

Easy Comes-Easy Goes

Perhaps too nice to make a difference on anybody's life. A great friend, though. Write to me one of this days, will you? Read more

Cursed Poet

Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Do you HAVE to be so nice and fun and horny? I'll go with you untill the bottom of hell. Read more

Walt Whitman

O Captor! my Captor! our filthy trio is done... Read more

Lord Byron Himself

Oh! Sweet Love of Mine! Come to me! Our passion will crush the mountains and, exhausted, we'll dye after our too-long love battle. Read more

Plain Pathetic

A little low selfsteem here. Read more

Cloying Pathetic

Good for you! Believe me, you are just the kind of individual that guys who collect teddy bears and pink stuff adore. Read more

Pathetic Wanna-be

Keep exercising those cloying abilities, one day you'll be loved by someone just like you. Read more

Passionated Path...

etic. No, wait. You must make a choice: either you stop being SO nice, or, otherwise, you'll be a nasty "Cloying Pathetic". Read more

Nuts and Honey

But not horny.... Too sweet! How can you live with it? Read more

The Continental

Waiting for the love of your life? Keep trying and maybe you'll find it. But don't think you will find it hidden under someone's silky sheets. Read more

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