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Informed but Useless

Hey, look at that, you know something. Too bad it's not going to help you live any longer.

All possible test results

Zombie chow

Sorry, but . . . looks like you'll be hungering after the flesh of the living before the first wave is over. Read more

Informed but Useless

Hey, look at that, you know something. Too bad it's not going to help you live any longer. Read more

Educated. Somehow

You know a lot about zombies. The fact that you're still the main course suggests that you are extraordinarily inept. Read more

Zombie Savant

You know zombies inside and out. You are also in a coma, or something. Read more

Mildly Tougher Stuff

You know nothing about zombies, but you still have an average chance of surviving. Read more

Average Joe/Jane

You know as much as zombies as the average person, and are equally likely to make it out alive. Read more


You sure know a lot about zombies. Odds are you had your leg in a cast or were otherwise impeded from escape. Read more

Bad Dice

You have written books about zombies, but even that can't save you from a bad toss of the fate dice. Read more

One of Those Guys

You may suspect nothing, but you at least have a speaking role and a name. Read more


You know a little bit about zombies, and are tough enough to stand a chance at living. Read more

Better than Average

You have the knowledge, and you apply it. You probably helped a couple other people survive the initial rush. Read more

Paranoid video clerk

As soon as you saw signs of the attack, you immediately took action. Unfortunately, it took everyone around you a little while to realize that you weren't completely insane. Read more

Shit Dumb Lucky

The fact that you made it this far suggests that you should be living in Las Vegas. Read more

Movie buff much?

Clearly, you've seen a couple movies about zombies. Odds are you were lucky enough to have gone with a master on the day the menace arrived. Read more

The Hero

You are the one that every one else in the group stands behind for safety. You hardly mind because it means the zombies have more obstacles between them and your back. Read more

Zombie Master

Hail to the king, baby. Read more

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