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Experimental Power

You scored 37 psychodelic, 47 experimental, 22 harsh noise, and 47 power electronics!

Let others prance and posture on stage; but your expression is a bit more complex. You think it out, and even though the rest may call you a pretentious and arrogant asshole for taking what you do so seriously, you have gained their begrudging respect. Your art is not an expression of teenage angst or sexual frustration, but a comment. You shirk away from shock value for the sake of shock value, carefully planning out the experience you engineer for the audience. Noise is more than just an outlet. It is a way of life.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • psychodelic Distribution

    They scored 37% on psychodelic, higher than 39% of your peers.

  • experimental Distribution

    They scored 47% on experimental, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • harshnoise Distribution

    They scored 22% on harshnoise, higher than 18% of your peers.

  • powerelectronic Distribution

    They scored 47% on powerelectronic, higher than 70% of your peers.

All possible test results

Noise Chameleon

You dabble in this and that, but haven't seemed to find a niche. Perhaps it is a sign of individuality or unfamiliarity, but you have not allowed one particular sub-genre to define you or for you to ... Read more

Power Electronics

Noise is full of anger and hatred. It is your vehicle to voice disporia and misanthropy. You don't overthink it, relying on your own intensity. However, the words you scream come from your mind, no... Read more

Harsh Noise

Conventional musical form is your enemy. Pedals in series, pots and pans, chaos simulators, and sheet metal are your friends. Sound is real. It doesn't need to represent some political movement or ... Read more

Harsh Electronics

Skirting the line. You find a value in the experience of the show, not just audio-wise but visual components. To you, noise has a meaning. Perhaps you hold true to the anti-art manifesto, or just u... Read more


You've probably worked on a piece for weeks, wiring everything up just right or keying in lines of code, just to find out that the art of composition itself was more elegant than the sounds that event... Read more

Experimental Power

Let others prance and posture on stage; but your expression is a bit more complex. You think it out, and even though the rest may call you a pretentious and arrogant asshole for taking what you do so... Read more

Noise Nerd

Chaos simulators are cool! You are well versed in how all your equipment works. It may be somewhat typical, but you have bent where you wish to bend and daisy-chained that which you wish to daisy-ch... Read more


Long repetitive improvised sounds are not your thing, but you don't suffer constraints on your own sound. You are comfortable sitting at a concert hall festival or drunken underground basement show. ... Read more

Totally Pycho

Noise isn't supposed to be all dark and spooky! Why the hell is everyone so angry all the time? Noise is a free natural and spiritual expression of life, not nasty pictures of dead people! You may ... Read more


Prone to ideas of dark fantasy, you see all experiences as spiritual and beautiful, even those traditionally believed to be horrific and ugly. You freely explore these experiences from a unique emoti... Read more


It's all about the oscillators! With no words, stage shows, or traditional music forms to get in your way; you love to explore what your equipment can do. You let it loose to fend for itself and allo... Read more


Noise is not just what you do, but who you are. You have your own very strict definition of what noise is, that doesn't always agree with everyone else's. You shun traditional music forms and have a... Read more


You listen to John Cage's 4'33" for 24 hours a day. You aren't scared of traditional music forms, and are probably constantly curious why the harshnoise guys keep playing Rainforest IV by David Tudor... Read more

No need to be harsh

Traditional music forms should not be discarded, but used as you see fit. Your art is primarily an avenue to express what it is you need to say. Sound for the sake of sound does not make sense. Thi... Read more

Not Shock

The metaphor of noise is dissonance and change, not directionless anger or shallow shock value. You're not too concerned about creating "pure" or "real" noise, which limits you to what is "acceptable... Read more


You love everyone and everything. From Skinny Puppy and Throbbing Gristle, to Merzbow and Masonna, to SICKNESS and stimbox and countless others...you find merit and meaning in all aspects of noise. ... Read more

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