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Question 1: The Birthdate of the Marine Corps is 10 November, 1775. A Date that the Marine Corps still celebrates on an annual basis with the Marine Corps Ball. Steak, lobster, alcohol and dancing are the usual fare for the ball, and Marines are required to wear dress blues or the green "alpha" dress uniform.

Question 2: The Marine Corps was "born" in a bar, more specifically, Tun Tavern, in Philadelphia, PA. It was not unusual practice at the time for drunken, passed-out barflies to be "shanghaied," often waking up at sea as Marines.

Question 3: The mascot of the Marine Corps is an English bulldog. The mascot resides at Marine Barracks Washington and appears at the Friday Evening Parade, wears a uniform, and even has its own Service Record Book.

Question 4: Marine Corps Boot Camp takes place at Parris Island SC and MCRD San Diego, CA. Parris Island is completely surround by water and alligators, a murky, sweltering, swampy, God-forsaken piece of ground connected to the mainland only by a single guarded causeway. MCRD San Diego, on the other hand, while just as hot, is dusty and cursed with mountains and hills so rugged they bear names like Mount Motherf$%ker.

Question 5: The top officer in the Marine Corps is refferred to as the Commandant of the Marine Corps. At present, the Commandant is General Michael W. Hagee.

Question 6: The top Enlisted man in the Marine Corps is known as the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. At present, the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is SgtMaj John L. Estrada.

Question 7: The first Marine recruiter was Captain Robert Mullen. Captain Mullen also happened to be the owner of Tun Tavern, in Philadelphia.

Question 8: The nickname stems from old Marine uniforms, which were designed with a high leather collar to guard against saber slashes during boarding actions. The dress blue uniform, to this day, retains a high collar. Incidentally, the old leather collar also served the useful purpose of making it very difficult to fall asleep while on sentry duty. It’s hard to nod off when every time you do, you choke yourself.

Question 9: True. The Marine Corps is the only branch of the military in which enlisted men are entitled to carry swords in uniform. Enlisted Marines of the rank of corporal and above are entitled to carry a sword patterned off of the 1859 Army cavalry saber. The sword symbolizes a unique trait of the Corps; that of enlisted non-commisioned officers having primary responsibility of training junior Marines.

Question 10: True. The United States Marine Corps is actually a part of the Department of the Navy. Ask any Marine this question and you’re liable to get a reply of, “Sure. The men’s department.”

Question 11: The “Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps” was Brevet Brigadier General Archibald Henderson, so called because of his 53 years in the Corps, and his tenure of 38 years as Commandant. Henderson served longer than any other Marine in history; hence, the name, “Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps.”

Question 12: The first Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps was SgtMaj Archibald Sommers. The rank of Sergeant Major was conferred upon Sommers on Jan 1, 1801. Later, in 1833, legislation made the billet permanent in the Corps.

Question 13: The first Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps was SgtMaj Wilbur Bestwick. The billet was established in 1957 as a position to advise the Commandant on matters concerning enlisted Marines.

Question 14: “Semper Fidelis” is the Marine Corps motto. It is Latin for, “Always Faithful.” To whom, you ask? Why, God, Country, and Corps- in that order.

Question 15: The first amphibious landing conducted by the newly-formed Marine Corps took place at New Providence, Bahamas. New Providence was home to a British fort at the outset of the Revolutionary war. Captain Samuel Nicholas led Marines ashore to storm the fort and capture 600 barrels of gunpowder, badly needed by the fledgling nation if it was to have the means to fight the British.

Question 16: Lieutenant General “Chesty” Puller was most famous for, among many other things, being awarded a record 5 Navy Crosses, the second highest award a Marine can be awarded. The only higher award would be the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Question 17: Drew Carey was the Marine in real life. Although Clint Eastwood and the Duke starred in movies where they played Marines, and convincingly, neither one was actually in the Corps.

Question 18: The red stripe that runs the length of the pant seam is referred to as a blood stripe. Only non-commisioned officers and officers are entitled to wear the blood stripe, due to the symbolism behind it. The blood stripe is a reminder of the battle of Chapultepec, in which many more NCO’s and officers died than enlisted men.

Question 19: "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The Marines don't have that problem." –President Ronald Reagan, 1983. The now famous quote was made after the October 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz, and maybe learned something in the process. Semper Fidelis!

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