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39 Rebel, 11 Imperial, 58 Jedi, 13 Sith

You are a pure Jedi. You'll do what you've been taught, or taught yourself, is right, regardless of who controls the galaxy. Rebels may have come calling on you, but you don't want to associate yourself with those warmongers. You want the galaxy to be at peace, and fighting isn't the way to go about it. Now... how about that peace?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Rebel Distribution

    They scored 39% on Rebel, higher than 34% of your peers.

  • Imperial Distribution

    They scored 11% on Imperial, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • Jedi Distribution

    They scored 58% on Jedi, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Sith Distribution

    They scored 13% on Sith, higher than 33% of your peers.

All possible test results


You're the everyday layman. No lighstabers or blaster rifles for you; you're not into all that stuff. No, sir, you just wanna do your thing. Say, is that a stormtrooper coming over here? Why's he aimi... Read more


Frankly, you don't give a damn who's in power. You'll do your spice running, or work for the highest bidder. War is good for business, and you'll do what you can to fan the flames, just so long as you... Read more

Pure Sith

Evil, conniving, and manipulative, you are a pure Sith. You haven't a care for politics, you just want the whole galaxy to bow to you. Chances are you don't even go for the whole master/apprentice gig... Read more


You are a pure Jedi. You'll do what you've been taught, or taught yourself, is right, regardless of who controls the galaxy. Rebels may have come calling on you, but you don't want to associate yourse... Read more

Rogue Jedi

You may have been a Jedi once, or were expected to be one, but you follow your own rules, now. Who needs a Jedi code? While you're not going to go around killing people willy-nilly, you're also not go... Read more

Gray Jedi

Truly balanced within the force, you are the Gray Jedi. While you may lean precariously over the line between light and dark, experience has shown you that one does not truly understand the galaxy unt... Read more

Imperial citizen

Seig Heil! You are an Imperial citizen. Hard-working, nose to the grindstone, you take whatever the Emperor decrees and swing with it. No more rights to privacy? Cool. 90% taxes? You can dig it. Perha... Read more

Imperial Soldier

Disciplined, dedicated, brutally efficient, and highly trained, you are the Imperial soldier. Perhaps you have military ambitions, or perhaps you just want to serve the Empire to the best of your abil... Read more

Imperial Dark Jedi

Your force abilities were discovered by the Emperor soon after they became known, and then he quickly scooped you up to train you in the ways of the dark side. This puts you in the perfect position to... Read more

Imperial Knight

While you are loyal to the Emperor, you also have force abilities, which you have honed. You're committed to doing the just thing, though not necessarily the right thing. You think of your actions in ... Read more

Imperial Rogue Jedi

Perhaps you are just a Jedi that decided the Emperor was getting things done better. Or, you abandoned your Jedi training and eventually fell in with the Empire. You'll be back. They all come back. Read more

Imperial Gray Jedi

Your kind are pretty rare, if not otherwise nonexistent. Though you recognize the balance inherent in the force, you see fit to join the Empire. Perhaps you have an agenda; perhaps you're just going w... Read more


Who has two/four/six thumbs and likes rebellion? This guy! Perhaps you were in the senate before you were disgusted by the direction the Empire was taking. Perhaps you were a citizen of a repressed pl... Read more

Rebel Mercenary

Once you were a smuggler, or perhaps even a bounty hunter or other mercenary, but for some reason or another you saw the light and joined the Rebellion. Maybe it was the job opportunities. I'm betting... Read more

Rebel Dark Jedi

Perhaps you started in the Jedi academy, but decided that you did more good serving with the Rebellion. Unfortunately, the lack of direction has led you down the dark path. Maybe you can still be save... Read more

Rebel Jedi

Chances are you started in the Rebellion and noticed your Jedi powers later. Convenient, eh? Now you can kick Imperial ass with a lightsaber! Read more

Rebel Rogue Jedi

Perhaps you're pissed off at the Jedi council and decided to go it on your own, joining the Rebellion and working on their terms. Secretly, you just want the Jedi to accept you. *tear* ='( Read more

Rebel Gray Jedi

A rarity, you are the Rebel Gray Jedi. Perhaps you're simply trying to achieve a secret goal to bring balance to the galaxy, and therefore enforce your own beliefs. Good luck, dude. Read more


Imperial or Rebel?! Gah! It's so hard to decide. Hang in there, man, but here's a tip: the Rebels are going to win. Read more

Imperial Defector

After a stunning career in the Imperial military, you suddenly realized the error of your ways. After escaping from the life that made you feel empty and dissatisfied, you eventually were accepted by ... Read more


For some reason, you see fit to betray your Rebel friends. After discovering your force abilities, perhaps you decided your full potential could only be realized in a galaxy ruled by the Emperor. You'... Read more

Jedi ex-Imp

After defecting from the Empire, you joined the Rebellion, and soon your Force-affinity was discovered. You were promptly carted off to the Jedi Academy, and now here you are. Life is funny, ain't it? Read more

Jedi Rogue Defector

You were a faithful Imperial servant, but discovered your own force sensitivity and kept it secret from the Empire. You heard all the frightening things they do to people like you. Once you could get ... Read more

True Gray Jedi

You see the necessity of balance in the force, and you'll manipulate both sides of the conflict to assure that you see it in your lifetime. A little far-fetched man, but more power to ya. Read more

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