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You scored 72 oddness and 86 difficulty!

My word...you are hard to play. It is so difficult to get those too little seemingly innocent bits of wood to bask together in a set rhythm. You are quite rare except in Spain and Latin America where you are numerous. Round here I have never met anyone who has mastered the art of goo castanet playing so aren't you the mysterious one. Mainly played by charming Senors and Senoritas...aren't you lucky!!!! Viva Espana!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • oddness Distribution

    They scored 72% on oddness, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • difficulty Distribution

    They scored 86% on difficulty, higher than 71% of your peers.

All possible test results


Oh dear, you are a recorder. Any five year old can pick up y ou upand instantly play you. Some would say you are easy.Oh well, we can't all be in the Philharmonic. Read more


Not very original but at least you are not too easy. After a few months we may be able to pick you up. Remember, some of the world's best musicians have played you so take solice in that thought. Read more

Classical Guitar

While many people have played you, very few have mastered the art. You are diverse- you can be part of Spanish music, Country plus there is a place for you in an orchestra, be it the Philharmonic or p... Read more

Electric Guitar

While many pick you up, very few can play you properly. There are some you can make ou scream or sigh in the same song...others just keep plucking too hard and breaking all of your strings. Still, eve... Read more


You are the drums. I don't mean just the standard set of snare, bass etc...you include...BONGO'S!!!!!!! That is true novelty value; though you are quite easy you still have a slight mysterious quality... Read more


Your pretty middle of the ground- you are not a violin, nor are you a double-bass, you are a cello. You are not too commmon nor too easy, just sought of in the middle. That is all you are- in aan orch... Read more


You are shiney and played by some of the most well respected musicians in Jazz music. The Pink Panther Theme tune was written just for you...but this has caused many to want to play you so you have l... Read more


Yep, we see you everywhere- you are far from unique and in fact are quite a bore. However, you have a very special quality about you- you are very hard. Most people who call themselves "violinists" on... Read more


Ys, the common household spoon is also a musical instrument...you probably knew that already, I'm just trying to be clever. You my ask, if it so common then why am I so odd...well I'll tell you. How o... Read more


ONe of my friends plays one of your kind and so it obviously doesn't take too much skill...only joking. Though not to hard to make a sound out of, very few can play you well. You are not too hard thou... Read more


What say about you. Played by the Great Jazz Masters such as Red Nichols you are not too hard nor too easy, not too rare nor too common either. Quite difficult to get a sound out of you at first but t... Read more


My word...you are hard to play. It is so difficult to get those too little seemingly innocent bits of wood to bask together in a set rhythm. You are quite rare except in Spain and Latin America where ... Read more


You are very odd and very easy. What a strange combination. Judging by your size, it would be correct to say that perhaps the hardest aspect of playing you is managing to hold you steady. You only eve... Read more


You are very very odd though not too easy...or too hard for that matter. Only really played by old men in brass and silver bands or by geeks therefore you are something of a social outcast. Oh well, w... Read more


Very few people play you, mainly because those who do look right idiots sat there with a big stringed thing in between their legs. You make a nice sound but most choose not to learn you until they rea... Read more


The banjo's back in town! You are my favourite instrument by far- you are odd and very difficult to play well. But when you are played well you make a wonderfully tin-like sound and makes the player's... Read more

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