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Their result for The Role-In-The-Band Test ...


You are 26% vocalist, 36% guitarist, 36% bassist, and 50% drummer!

You slick with the drinks, slick with ladies, and slick with the sticks. Get trashed, get laid, and get out.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • vox Distribution

    They scored 26% on vox, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • guitar Distribution

    They scored 36% on guitar, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • bass Distribution

    They scored 36% on bass, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • drums Distribution

    They scored 50% on drums, higher than 67% of your peers.

All possible test results

You suck.

You can't decide what the fuck you want to do, and it's sad. Maybe you should become a poet. Read more


You slick with the drinks, slick with ladies, and slick with the sticks. Get trashed, get laid, and get out. Read more


You're brooding and depressed, or maybe just hiding in the background. But that's okay: the pussy (or dick, if you so choose), comes rolling in because of it. By the way... being poured into a cab... Read more

Rhythm Section

Be a drummer, be a bassist. Whichever, you'll be getting plenty drunk and plenty pussy (or dick, if you prefer). Just don't be too wasted by the time you get on stage. Read more


You lead it, you know it. Just stop acting like it. Read more

The Domineering One

Guitarist or drummer. You wanna control everything. If you could attach cymbals to your knees, you wouldn't need those fuckers anyway. Read more

The Sub

You're not really good at what you do, but you get to be in the band anyway. You're not confident, you rarely get laid, and you're an all-around substitute until the bands gets signed and replaces yo... Read more


As long as you're not singing, it's cool. Fucking singers are prima donnas that need to be shot, anyway. Read more

The Vocalist

Jesus motherfucking christ, get away from me. I've been through six of you in my band already. Learn to play a goddamned instrument already. Read more

Don Henley Wannabe

Also known as the schizophrenic with no real talent. Singing while you play kit is a good idea in theory. Just like communism. Or The Firm. Read more

The Slick One

You play your characters and fool everyone. It gets you laid, it gets you drinks, and it gets you the respect of the rest of your stupid band. You don't need them as it is, maybe you should go solo?... Read more

Background Player

You can't enunciate (usually because you're drunk), and you can't stop yourself from chasing pussy (or dick, if you prefer). If you could calm the fuck down for a second, maybe you could write a damn... Read more

The Frontperson

Yeah, we get it. You're great. You know it. We know it to, 'cause you won't stop fucking telling us. The singing fucking guitarist. Go away. Read more

The Dumbfuck

You're the one who doesn't do anything well. You're the one that doesn't understand that bass IS a part of the rhythm section (mostly because it's the only thing you don't play - not that you play an... Read more

Uncoordinated One

Stay away from the kit, you'll fall on your fucking face. You have redeeming qualities, though. Just not many. Read more

The One Man Band

I recommend getting a home studio and forgoing other musicians. They're all worthless, anyway. You can do it all, if you just try... Read more

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