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Wouldn't Survive

You scored 72 Attitude, 24 Know-How, 2 Eliminators

If you decided to come (and I overlooked your scores), you wouldn't survive. At least I really doubt it. Your attitude is acceptible, but being unsure if you want to come also really hurts and give you an eliminator. Your survival skills are the big red mark though. I guess it's ok since you didn't have your heart set on this. If you can't fish or hunt in the modern world, it means that you wasted $20 or so on your license (what the hell right does the government have to tax this type of stuff anyway???) or that you don't enjoy these hobbies. Stuck on my island, it might just mean that you DIE. I'm not saything that people wouldn't come forward to help you out, but in the tough times those who can't contribute are the first to go.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Know-How Distribution

    They scored 24% on Know-How, higher than 44% of your peers.

  • Attitude Distribution

    They scored 72% on Attitude, higher than 61% of your peers.

  • Eliminators Distribution

    They scored 2% on Eliminators, higher than 58% of your peers.

All possible test results

Thanks But No Thanks

No matter how much you want to go, you are not coming to my island. Go pout if you want to but my decision is final. Become the president and take my island over militarily if you so feel like it, b... Read more

Will Not Let You Go

So you are unsure if you want to go or not. Or maybe the situation isn't right at this moment, but could change. Well my answer to you is it's not a good fit. You aren't qualified in knowledge of w... Read more

No Way, No How.

Yeah...no. Not going to happen here. Under no circumstances. You struck out in every category. You don't have the survival skills or the right attitude to make this possible. You even got more th... Read more

Likely Won't Survive

You're on the edge for attitude, but I'm just not sure about the survival skills that you possess. You can't fake that stuff. If you want to improve a bit, go work on your ability to survive and may... Read more

Wouldn't Survive

If you decided to come (and I overlooked your scores), you wouldn't survive. At least I really doubt it. Your attitude is acceptible, but being unsure if you want to come also really hurts and give ... Read more

No Surviving

You have more than one eliminator and no survival skills to overcome it. You just won't make it. You should need an idea about how to survive, but an extra crutch will knock you flat on your back. ... Read more

Ideas Don't Feed You

I love the attitude and philosophy that you have about going to this island, and you have no red flags holding you back. However, you cannot eat based solely on your attitude. You have to know somet... Read more

Not quite making it

Great attitude. I appreciate that a ton. It's hard to find someone with the correct mindset. However, you still have to LIVE and SURVIVE, and you just don't seem fit to do that. In addition, you n... Read more

No Survival

Great attitude. Very fine. Maybe you could be base support or something. Like check up on us every once in a while. However, I really don't think you would make it on a speck of land out there in ... Read more

Philosophy Clash

You seem to have the outdoorsmanship or know-how to make survive decently on the island. However, our philosophies or attitudes just aren't going to work out together. I am directing this in a way, ... Read more

Clash Problem

I really think that if you decided to come, you would likely survive. However, both indecisiveness and attitude are problems and I don't think you will be making the trip. That clash of attitudes is... Read more

Clash & Elimination

Survival, you probably would be able to do. However, you have enough eliminators to rule yourself out. Besides that, I don't think you have the right attitude on being here or views of how the islan... Read more

It Could Work

I think you've got what it takes to make it in terms of survival and the right type of attitude. I really do. You aren't the ideal candidate, but what can I say, most other people aren't either. Co... Read more

It Might Work

You are right on the very very edge. I think that you could do it if you wanted to and really showed some dedication, but it's iffy. If there are more candidates that are better, then no dice. You ... Read more

Too Many Eliminators

I think it might work without those automatic eliminators, but those really kick your ass out of my island business. You have to want to go or be physically able to go to participate, and it looks li... Read more

We Will Get Along

Good times! You have made it. I think that you have enough know-how to be able to survive the island experience and you also have an attitude that is simply superb. We will get along on my island j... Read more

We Could Get Along

You are probably going to need to be pretty decisive about this. If you really want to do it, I think you could make it just fine. You seem to have the survival skills needed and a wonderful attitud... Read more

Eliminated, But...

You've got the ability to survive the island life and the you have that attitude to adjust to the lifestyle that I seek. The problem is something holding you back. I don't know whether it is you bei... Read more

Find Another Island

You've got that survival thing down just right and you've got nothing holding you back as far as automatic eliminators. However, you're attitude toward living on my ideal island is just not quite rig... Read more

Could Survive, But..

You could survive easily if you really decided to come, but I don't think that you will be with this company. The first consideration is being on the edge as far as direct eliminators. Maybe that is... Read more

Not This Island

You have that survival skill, but there are a few things holding you back. First of all you triggered an automatic elimination, and second of all, I don't think that your attitude toward adjusting to... Read more

You Can Do It

Very fine. You've got that survival skill and you attitude toward this island project is good enough of earn you a spot in it. You aren't quite perfect on being able to adjust to a community like th... Read more

You Could Do It

You could do it, you just have to be committed to this project. You're only holding yourself back. You aren't the perfect candidate, but you beat out alot with just your ability to survive and your ... Read more

Can, but Can't

You seem to have survival skills to make it in a harsh environment, and you even have the right approach to this island in my opinion, but you can't. You triggered an automatic eliminator. I'm not s... Read more

Perfect Candidate

Wow. Simply Great! You got the top category for both main categories and you did not send up any red flag eliminators. Your audition is complete! You've got that survival skill and the right appro... Read more

Holdng Yourself Back

I realize that there is an 'i' in 'holding,' but the title was too long for me to include all the letters and that seemed like the least obvious. Anyway...you are holding yourself back here. You wou... Read more

Perfect But Not

You would be perfect for coming to the island except for the eliminators got you. If you explain why you might have gotten these automatic red flags, then you could have a shot at coming. If not, yo... Read more

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