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Their result for The Ape or Angel Test ...

The Love Bird

You scored 54% carnal, 26% intelectual, and 68% emotional.

You are the Love Bird

You've got a little passion to show, and a lot of emotion to go around. Life's grand mysteries don't trouble you, so cuddle up some where cozy with the one you love, and just enjoy.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • carnal Distribution

    They scored 54% on carnal, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • intelectual Distribution

    They scored 26% on intelectual, higher than 1% of your peers.

  • emotional Distribution

    They scored 68% on emotional, higher than 71% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Intransient

You are the Intransient You are most like the plants and trees, or perhaps the earth its self. You are not troubled by powerful emotions, intellectual puzzles, or carnal frustrations.... Read more

The Bird

You are the Bird Your life is fairly light, emotions resonate with you but you don't need to worry about getting to hung up with them. The carnal and intellectual are all fine and goo... Read more

The Spirit Emotion

You are the Spirit of Emotion Your world is ruled by powerful emotions. You may be a creature of love, or rage, or all emotions. You aren't troubled by endless intellectual quandarie... Read more

The Computer

You are the Computer You might find your next life as an early artificial intelligence. While thought is your mainstay you don't get caught up in the great unknowns and mysteries, jus... Read more

The Companion

You are the Companion You are smart enough to be a good listener, and caring enough to want too. Either that or you might be a grumpy person who works in records and doesn't like it m... Read more

The Dreamer

You are the Dreamer Powerful emotions abound, and you spend good deal of time thinking on them. You are detached from the physical world, with your head in the clouds. You probably s... Read more

The Android

You are The Android You exist in a world of pure thought. Emotions do not trouble you, you can grasp them as abstract concepts, but they aren't something you need, and the carnal is j... Read more

The Grey

You are the Grey You are human for now...we all have our flaws. Perhaps in your next life you can be a member of an advanced alien civilization with just enough curiosity to be obsess... Read more

The Angel

You are the Angel Your true nature is as a being of pure spirit. Powerful emotion and powerful intellect drown out all interest in base desires, and you might just as gladly be rid of... Read more

The Furry Critter

You are the Small Furry Critter Life might suit you as a squirrel or other simple woodland creature. Life's full of needs and wants, and too short already to go risking your neck for ... Read more

The Ape

You are the Ape You get by day to day, filling it's needs and desires. You keep your close company, and you don't need a lot more. Life's too short to worry about all the petty intel... Read more

The Love Bird

You are the Love Bird You've got a little passion to show, and a lot of emotion to go around. Life's grand mysteries don't trouble you, so cuddle up some where cozy with the one you l... Read more

The House Cat

You are the House Cat You are playful, and smart enough to get your self into more trouble. People probably project a lot more emotion on you than you are really effected by. You onl... Read more


You are Human Well wonders never cease my friend, you are human. Don't feel bad though, in being average you are neither greatly lacking, nor overly burdened in your traits. Best of ... Read more

The Artist

You are the Artist You may be human, but you are also a bit more. You have a lot more emotion than the average Joe or Jill, and this can drive you to greatness. Love probably factors... Read more

The Connoisseur

You are the Connoisseur You possess a great intellect, and have found a taste for the finer things in life, but you do not let them overshadow your intellectual pursuits. Excess emoti... Read more

The Intellectual

You are the Intellectual You are a bread of human ruled by the mind. Scientist, writer, social architect, historian. Though your reason governs you, you have not set aside the other ... Read more

The Fae

You are the Fae Be you elf, or faerie, or just a greater form of human you are possessed of great intellect and profound emotion. You are likely of at least some artistic inclination,... Read more

The Wild Thing

You are the Wild Thing The desires of the flesh are all that matters. You get what you want and don't sweat the rest. Being around you is probably a fun ride for those not looking fo... Read more

The Wolf

You are the Wolf You are a creature of the wild, but still loyal to your pack. Take care that you don't let your desires get the better of you though, you still have a heart to hurt. Read more

The Passionate Lover

You are the Passionate Lover You probably have too much desire for your own good, and a tendency to leap without looking, all to sure you can land on your feet. Take care for many who... Read more

The Hedonist

You are the Hedonist To you the only logical path in a mortal existence is to live life to it's fullest and enjoy every ounce of it. Emotion may have it's finer points, but by in larg... Read more

The Nymph

You are the Nymph You are mostly human, with loves and intellectual concerns, but desires rule you. Find some one who will treat you well, and keep up with your wants and you'll do fi... Read more

The Dark Elf

You are the Dark Elf You aren't evil, not necessarily any way. You definitely don't act without thinking, much as wild emotions and base desires tempt you. You have great potential, ... Read more

The Panther

You are the Panther You have a keen wit, and know well how to get what you want. No creature dares deny the calm solitary ruler of these jungles their desire. Emotions are over rated... Read more

The Lion

You are the Lion You are much like the panther, keen witted and wild. Yet rather than choosing the solitary life you stick close to your pride. There's strength and comfort in number... Read more

The High Elf

You are High Elf You my friend are more than human, and a force to be reckoned with. Unlike a mere mortal you are not simply between the apes and angles, but rather the pinnacle of bo... Read more

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