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Passion Potential

69% maturity, 76% sensitivity, 56% optimism, 43% energy

He is insightful and sensitive, but has been rejected in the past and doesn't know how to charm women. He's not particularly charismatic, but if a girl can see through his shyness, she'll realize he's intelligent, wise and loving. He loses girls to men who don't have nearly as much potential as he does. All he needs to do is pick up the phone and finally call that woman!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • maturity Distribution

    They scored 69% on maturity, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • sensitivity Distribution

    They scored 76% on sensitivity, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • optimism Distribution

    They scored 56% on optimism, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • energy Distribution

    They scored 43% on energy, higher than 22% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Pouter

The Pouter is young, insensitive, pessimistic, and lazy. Sounds bad, right? Not necessarily. He prefers to be on his own, and has high standards for the amount he'll do to impress someone. Sure, w... Read more

Salty Sailor

The Salty Sailor loves to joke around. He goes to great extents to achieve his goals, but has a cynical nature that prevents him from feeling satisfied, no matter what he receives. The Salty Sailor ... Read more

Let It Happen Louie

The Let It Happen Louie knows he's hot. He just knows it. But he doesn't care enough about finding chicks to go out and do anything about it. And if he did put in any effort, he would approach it i... Read more


The Playboy is confident and high-strung, outgoing and ready to impress. But the emphasis is on BOY. He is still unsure of what he wants in life other than a hot girl to hook up with. He often make... Read more

The Young Poet

Naive and scared, the Young Poet doesn't know what he needs, and is still finding his way, but is not nearly motivated enough to get on the road and search. He assumes he'll fail before attempting an... Read more

Rollercoaster Romeo

The Rollercoaster Romeo DOES want love, hence, Romeo. But he is easy to dispair and easy to make snap judgements. He makes himself noticed, but unfortunately this can ruin his reputation when he tak... Read more

Wistful Waiter

The Wistful Waiter KNOWS he's going to find a real girlfriend. He WILL fall in love...as soon as he gets off the sofa. He has a positive outlook, and great intentions, but he has no idea how to go a... Read more

Hopeful Harry

Hopeful Harry does quite well with the ladies. He's sensitive, optimistic, and will go to great extents to woo a girl. Unfortunately, he's also likely to say the exact wrong thing that he thinks is ... Read more

Bruised Baron

The Bruised Baron has been hurt in the past, so he's decided to lock himself out of relationships. He doesn't believe in chasing a girl--after all, she'll just say no, in his mind. He may be good-lo... Read more

Cynist Comedian

He's lived for a while and knows what the world is all about. But nevertheless, he hasn't found anything worth writing home about. The Cynist Comedian, however, wows the girls with his "I don't care... Read more

The Armchair

He's worked a lot, and is optimistic about his goals. He knows someday he's going to find a girl, and he's ready to now. But he doesn't want love, he just wants sex and he's willing to have a mature... Read more


He knows what women want, he'll go to lengths to get them into bed, and he knows he'll succeed. And normally, he does, but the problem is, he's a jerk. His confidence (or arrogance, some would say) ... Read more

Passion Potential

He is insightful and sensitive, but has been rejected in the past and doesn't know how to charm women. He's not particularly charismatic, but if a girl can see through his shyness, she'll realize he'... Read more

Fallen Hero

The Fallen Hero has it all, but lately he's not so sure of himself. He's done well in the past, but perhaps a girl recently dumped him? He wants love, not necessarily sex (though combined, he's happ... Read more

Hugh Grant Character

He's got everything except the motivation, much the way a still-single mid-thirties Hugh Grant character would be in a romantic comedy. He's busy with other parts of his life and doesn't like the ide... Read more


He's lived and knows the ropes, and he's learned that love is the way to go. Luckily, he's got the confidence and motivation to wow any woman. Some women prefer more "asshole" types, but he knows th... Read more

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