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Their result for The Socks Test ...

Suricata suricatta

You scored 63 simplicity, 41 sensuality, and 52 boldness!

Oh, the mild-mannered meerkat. You are social. You are somewhat unique. With your 4 toes, you are the basis for many cartoon digits. You are bold when you must be; you are domestic when you must be. Right in the middle. Many humans could learn a thing or two from you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • simplicity Distribution

    They scored 63% on simplicity, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • sensuality Distribution

    They scored 41% on sensuality, higher than 52% of your peers.

  • boldness Distribution

    They scored 52% on boldness, higher than 74% of your peers.

All possible test results

Lyncodon patagonicus

You are the complex, stealthy, and fierce Patagonian Weasel. Carnivorous, camouflaged, and a creationist in your own right. To quote an old (but good) Cake song, you are "sharp as a tack... picking... Read more

Draco volans

Also known as the flying dragon or flying lizard. Not exactly in pursuit of "a simple life", you are also not exactly "chasing the dragon". You are the dragon ;) And you're extroverted when you hav... Read more

Androctonus crassica

You are the Arabian fat-tailed scorpion. Highly complex, venomous, and unmistakably you... You are a unique and tough individual. Nobody steps on you and gets away with it. Read more

Canis lupus

Very complex, you can be social, but you adhere to the social settings put forth by your group hierarchy. You do have fun, but you follow (necessary) rules. You are the wolf; you come in many colors... Read more

Nyctea scandiaca

You, as the snowy owl, are a complicated creature, catching life the way you want to (literally) and tossing back what you don't want, you desire harmony more than pleasure. You are bold; it's how yo... Read more

Tigris tigris

There you go, in your sleek and shiny coat, capturing your prey. You are the Bengal tiger. Tenacious, and tending toward all things that taste good, you enjoy yourself but never at the expense of yo... Read more

Panthera leo

King of the jungle, you come in many forms. You highlight many nature shows. You enjoy your leisure time, and your lack of boldness is only due to your clever combination of stealth, speed, and prag... Read more

Mellisuga helenae

As the bee hummingbird, you are the smallest creature in the world. That allows you some stealth. Yet your brilliant plummage counters it. You are highly sensual and attracted to pleasure. And you... Read more

Pan paniscus

There is a musician bearing your name; however, you are not to be confused with him. You are the bonobo monkey. Likely female, and likely a nymphomaniac, you survived this long... Through mystical ... Read more

Cynomys ludovicianus

You are THE BLACK TAILED PRARIE DOG. I used caps because you need a bit of boldness. You might be in danger, Will Robinson, because you need more oomph. You're not as simple as some might suspect; ... Read more

Gyps fulvus

From your kettle, one would never dare pour any tea. You are often regarded with scorn... Perhaps scavenging does not seem "fun" to most humans. Your makeup is complex, so are your means, but your ... Read more

E. electricus

The "E" stands for Electrophorus, and "E", you be the electric eel. Now, you're a fish, so you're a bit simple, but your organs are so fucking complex. If humans could have that, the X-Men would be ... Read more

Rattus rattus

You rat, you. You will surive, you will survive, if not on decadent remains, then on plants that also thrive. Read more

Suricata suricatta

Oh, the mild-mannered meerkat. You are social. You are somewhat unique. With your 4 toes, you are the basis for many cartoon digits. You are bold when you must be; you are domestic when you must b... Read more

Pavo cristatus

You are probably polygamous (or possessing polygamous fantasies un-acted-upon). You are not too unusual, but you definitely stand out, and you definitely make an impression, you peacock, you. Read more

Equs hippotigris

You are stealthy, but your sensual nature doesn't allow others to perceive you as such. You stand out. You have relatively simple desires, yet you're complex enough to sucker punch the lions by play... Read more

Gazella thomsoni

You are graceful, lithe, and sleek. You blend in with your environment, but you play the role of extrovert in trusted company. You are the plains grazing gazelle, specifically, you are Thomson's Gaz... Read more

Tursiops truncatus

I see you sometimes playing in the sea. Or perhaps it is your distant cousin the porpoise I see, as I am no marine biologist, I am uncertain. Either way, you're a outgoing, pleasure-seeking being. ... Read more

C. carcharias

Now, there's not a mean bone in your body, but then again, you are just a predatory mass of cartilage. (By the way, Mr. C., may I call you by your first name Carcharodon? If not, may I refer to you ... Read more

Canis familiaris

You have a simple nature, thusly, you are best described by these words: loyal, intelligent, and mature. You are only bold when you need to be, and your lack of sensuality is only due to your workaho... Read more

Larus argentatus

Your style screams. You have simple needs. Food, water, free shit (nothing wrong with that). Yeah, you're a fucking sea gull (more specifically, the rotund Herring Gull) but you keep getting what y... Read more

Canis familiaris

You are domesticated, friendly, and playful. Easy to understand. Man's best friend. Not just any best friend, you are the golden retriever of best friends. You are popular probably because you are... Read more

Mesocricetus auratus

You are a pretty simple, basically easy to please person. You aren't very vociferous, but occasionally, you "bust out" of your caged personality. You're a hamster, and you come in all colors. I sne... Read more

Canis familiaris

More specifically, you are the rottweiler. Don't worry about the excessive simplicity seen in you. You're just so human; people understand you got your moods and you got your desires for a good time... Read more

Bos taurus

Being a European cow involves good intentions and a desire only to be well-fed; however, you're too nice! You might be led astray or taken advantage of, and any complexity you possess remains deep wi... Read more

Canis familiaris

You are selective about your fun. You might blend in with your type (or clique), but you stand apart from other breeds. You are a poodle, and despite possibly annoying some with your open demands fo... Read more

Morpho menelaus

Gorgeous, yet dumb. You are the exotic princess-like blue morpho butterfly. You won't live a long life, but you will suckle every bit of delight in this one. And you will beguile many a human photo... Read more

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