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Vegan Kitchen Witch

You scored 68 theory, 69 comprehension, 56 creativity, and 58 intuition!

You've got it all - the perfect balance of technical knowledge, recipe comprehension, creativity and intuition. Keep on doing what you're doing! You've probably authored a cookbook or two, run a vegan cafe or restaurant, or will some day. I didn't know there were two of us out there. It's nice to be perfect, isn't it?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • theory Distribution

    They scored 68% on theory, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • comprehension Distribution

    They scored 69% on comprehension, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • creativity Distribution

    They scored 56% on creativity, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • intuition Distribution

    They scored 58% on intuition, higher than 52% of your peers.

All possible test results

Baby Cook

No, you don't cook babies (unless they are soy-based), but you are new to the world of vegan cooking and probably will or have had some disasters at the stovetop. Try researching a little basic cooki... Read more

Skilless Visionary

You've got a lot of great ideas in your head but you should check out a few recipes anyway, just to make sure those great ideas translate into great vegan food. While it's fun to "wing it", there's a... Read more

Lazy but Creative

You always manage to come up with something interesting when you cook vegan food but unfortunately your lack of interest in studying actual cooking theory and techniques, and your aversion to other pe... Read more

Uneducated Genius

You've got cool ideas for creative vegan meals and some excellent intuition when it comes to what flavours will meld, but you lack enough theoretical knowledge to really put those ideas to work in an ... Read more

Recipe Follower

You generally have good results in the kitchen because you are good at following recipes; too bad so many vegan recipes SUCK, leading to more than a few disappointments or outright disasters. Studyin... Read more

Intuitive Follower

You don't have a lot of your own ideas for meals or treats, but you are a whiz at finding the true gems in the plethora of vegan recipes out there and exploiting them to their full potential; while le... Read more

Artful Substituter

If you like the look of a recipe, but don't have all the ingredients, you are a whiz at coming up with substitutions and replacements to make a dish even Bryanna Clark Grogan would be jealous of. Onc... Read more

The Whiz

Without knowing how or why, you somehow ended up being an amazing vegan cook. You've never understood the difference between a julien or a matchstick or why tofu is better than Ener-G egg replacer in... Read more

The Theorist

You know the difference between blanching and poaching, frying and broiling, cubing and dicing. You probably even took a cooking class or two. You don't like following recipes because to you cooking... Read more

Sous Chef

You've got the cooking theory down and you have great kitchen intuition, which means you work well without a recipe, as long as you stick to a certain formula for meals (protein, starch, veggie). Unf... Read more

Rogue Chef

You are one of the wild and crazy vegan chefs, shunning recipes in favour of weilding your extensive cooking theory knowledge and artistic sensibilities to create visually stunning meals and desserts.... Read more

Food Snob

You have the skills, creativity, and intuition it takes to really shine in the kitchen as a vegan chef - right on! The only thing that sucks is you can be pretty snobbish about your food and that mak... Read more

Chef School Smart

You know your techniques, you can follow the recipe to the letter, and everything comes out perfectly every time when you're paying attention - but you can't think outside the box! Come on now, thro... Read more

Savy But Boring

You have the instincts, the skills, and the recipe comprehension it takes to be an adequate vegan cook who'll earn lots of accolades, but you lack the creativity it takes to really wow people with som... Read more

Wacky Skills

To you, vegan cooking is about playing with ingredients and techniques within well-defined boundaries to create something unexpectedly delicious; but sometimes your intuition is off and you find yours... Read more

Vegan Kitchen Witch

You've got it all - the perfect balance of technical knowledge, recipe comprehension, creativity and intuition. Keep on doing what you're doing! You've probably authored a cookbook or two, run a veg... Read more

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