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Cream of the crop

Are you a sex freak? wanna talk to me? here is your score ###%

you are the cream of the crop... and when it comes to cream you know everything there is to know.

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    They scored 74% on hardcore points, higher than 93% of your peers.

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you are afraid to open up to the inner beast. quickly before you lose all chances of fun, find the nearest porn and sexual novelty shop and spend at least $200. then find someone who can show you how... Read more

morality riddled...

You want to do these things. I know you do. you are so close to real fun. don't let morality and things like church and society get in your way. Cut lose and have fun. Please, for me? Read more


You have tried some things and want to know more. Go out, I am sure there are many who can help you in your search. If you get lost... just message me. I know all about it and where to steer you. Read more

Fun Newbie

So you have taken your first steps into the uber-fun world of "real" sex. time to cast off that shell and run headlong into the best times of your life. Read more

sexual wallflower

you are there... we have all seen you... move from that wall. stop hiding and walk into the thick of the bodies. you will like where you end up. Didn't you learn in middle school that the dance floo... Read more

ready for fun!

you have made your way in life to a wonderful fetishful world. it is an inner world that we love. Enjoy your time hear and when people tell you you are too kinky tell them they are not kinky enough! Read more

Cream of the crop

you are the cream of the crop... and when it comes to cream you know everything there is to know. Read more


you have joined the upper groups of hardcore sex. Post your feelings in your profiles so we may all know where to find you! Read more

So close...

you work hard at finding sexual oddities but not quite hard enough. you are so close to the top 10% and yet so far. go star in a porn movie or two... that should help! Read more

Sex Master/Mistress

You are a true believer in "I will try anything once" and most of the time you like it. You do wonders for this world. Now I ask you all to go out and proclaim the good word around the world and let ... Read more

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