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Their result for The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test ...

a Knight Captain

You scored 7 Honor, 8 Justice, 5 Adventure, and 3 Individuality!

Some knights follow the orders given them. Some know when to improvise. The second sort are the ones that grow to power, to become leaders and Knight Captains. Your sense of duty, honor and justice speaks that your name should be amongst their ranks.

Get your squire, your banner, your armor and your sword. You're gonna do just fine

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Ninjinuity Distribution

    They scored 7% on Ninjinuity, higher than 39% of your peers.

  • Knightlyness Distribution

    They scored 8% on Knightlyness, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Cowboiosity Distribution

    They scored 5% on Cowboiosity, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • Piratical Bent Distribution

    They scored 3% on Piratical Bent, higher than 17% of your peers.

All possible test results

an Enigma

You don't quite fit into any of the four archetypes. This doesn't mean you don't have honor, individuality, a sense of adventure and a belief in justice, it just means you don't feel the need to ident... Read more

a Pirate

Arr matey. You may belive in honor, and justice, and you certainly have a sense of adventure. But mostly, you play by your own rules. Your code is your own and you are flexible in most situations.D... Read more

a Cowboy

Well pardner, the thing that drives you is a sense of adventure. You're willing to play by the rules, but only so long as you've got open territory to cover and new frontiers to explore. You don't nee... Read more

A Pirate Raider

More than just the usual swabbie, you demand not only the life at sea, free from landlubbers and their rules, but also you require adventure and excitement. You're happiest when the guns are blazing, ... Read more

a Knight

The whole "protect the innocent, for the Divine and Country" really appeals to you. You're rather go forward than around the side and you're comfortable with traditional values.Strap on a sword and... Read more

a Knight Errant

It's one thing to be a Knight. It's another to wander the country side, doing good deads and serving no master save justice and your own scruples! You would make a fine Knight Errant, gallant and lord... Read more

Cowboy Lawman

You don't just want to explore the open plains, you want to tame it. You're a person with scruples and the steel nerves to back them up. You'd fit well with gunslingers like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masters... Read more

Pirate King

Lord of sail and cannon, you don't just sail on the ship. It's your ship to sail. You've got not only the flair to be a pirate, but also the sense of adventure to fill your hideout with swag and the i... Read more

a Ninja

You are a soldier of the night. You rely on no more than your cunning and your repuation to strike fear in the hearts of lord and peasant alike. You've a sense of honor, but one that comes from within... Read more

Rogue Ninja

You are as quiet as the wind, deadly as a viper and you follow no master. You are a Rogue Ninja. Let no one say you are without honor, lest they meet a quiet and questionable end.Dress as you like ... Read more

a Man with No Name

It's one thing to be a gunslinger. It's another to wander into town, leave nothing but a trail of those who'd try your skill and take the town's gratitude and cash with you. Hero or villan? It's all i... Read more

Wandering Ninja

No home. No house. No clan. No ties. You have your honor and the open road and you are satisfied. Who you serve is your decision, but it's the challenge that guides you.Keep your sword close at han... Read more

a Knight Captain

Some knights follow the orders given them. Some know when to improvise. The second sort are the ones that grow to power, to become leaders and Knight Captains. Your sense of duty, honor and justice sp... Read more

a Pirate Admiral

Your combination of honor, inividuality and sense of justice and tradition have taken you beyond the scope of mere buccaneer. You are the sort that could build an empire upon the sea. After all, if th... Read more

a Ninja Warlord

Your name is but a rumor and story told to frighten children, but your swift and powerful commands leave entire cities in rubble. You are not just a ninja, but the sort that could lead a clan and a na... Read more

a Mystery

Beyond any of our archetypes, yet possessed of qualities held by each, you are a force to be reckoned with, alone or with the followers that must surely surround you now or in the future. Be proud, fo... Read more

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