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Rehab Ranch

You scored 75% cerebral and 74% visual!

The first 12 episodes of your show will involve formerly attractive D-list celebs talking about getting wasted and giving lap dances to the cowboys for cigs. Some one will cry like Tammy Faye every week. In the finale, Urkel kisses Ricky Schroeder. Heart warming reunion show is Ratings winner.

You are the Gambler in the Industry.You have an extra sense when it comes to predicting pop culture. By being ahead of the curve, you can easily translate what viewers are ready for. The nomad writer, you can't be dictated to by a network. So you look for opportunities everywhere. And you find them. You don't place traditional boundries on yourself, so your projects always have a freshness to them, or they stink.

Ratings: Greeks on campus make up a Bong hitting game to it.

You're rich! And now you can wear shorts for the rest of your life, bouncing from club to club pitching new ideas to potential production company heads. You never want to die. You're golden.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • cable Distribution

    They scored 75% on cable, higher than 81% of your peers.

  • network Distribution

    They scored 74% on network, higher than 71% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Director!

Congratulations! You have no Tv pulse. Your Tv program would amount to a cable access show of you reading, or thinking about playing the guitar, or doing some mobile networking in your girl/boy boxers... Read more

The A.M. Show

Everything on Tv is just a doormat for Oprah, to you. You putthe 'nil' in Vanilla. And everyone likes vanilla a little, it's just sensible. Your Daytime Pilot will be about proper mail catalogue sizi... Read more

The Sitcom

You just laugh and laugh. You would be an excellent PA for a media executive. Instead, you write a half-hour Comedy Pilot based on the antics of your quirky, lovable neighbors. Your pitch... Read more

Must See! Thurs!

You're funny. Your friends are cute and funny. You've worn something quirky. A scarf even, and you're a guy. Your Network Pilot will be splenda sweet and oddly filling for a whole 22 minutes. ... Read more


The people on the other channels scare you a little. Learning something you won't remember feels good. You may have thought to yourself that sighing is largely under-rated, and those British comedians... Read more


You like being around cute people. Admit IT. Even after you find out they have an STD. They are still cute, right? Your Dramedy will center around the lives of 20-somethings who keep it as real as whi... Read more


You big Do-Gooder! It's so fun to watch people's lives completely changed by Stuff and Looks. It feels good to watch TV and get a little misty, doesn't it? Your Reality Pilot follows a handsome hunk a... Read more

Bum Fighting!

That's right. You have a Major Network (uh, FOX) optioning your Reality TV Pilot of Hobos beating each other's tooth in. You can't believe what you've created, a real-life train wreck, and You thought... Read more

Sport-lebrity Tv

You don't really care who watches your show. It's for the die-hards, anyway. You ARE Bass Fishing, Trading your Space, propping up Bush, or understanding that THEY may not appreciate the irony that no... Read more

Hot Doctor Show

Everyone is hot. And, smart. Someone is a cripple, and pissed. John Williams is hired on to do the above-the-line credit's music. Insiders at UPN are feeling pretty smug. As further evidence of the Br... Read more

Rehab Ranch

The first 12 episodes of your show will involve formerly attractive D-list celebs talking about getting wasted and giving lap dances to the cowboys for cigs. Some one will cry like Tammy Faye every w... Read more

Pimp My Deere

You will write a show that involves making someone's Sled sweeter. Not Pimp my Airstream, your twin brother already got that one. Or, Bling my Bike. Sister got that. No, yours is cooler! John Deere: ... Read more


Your character driven Drama must include "real dialogue". You drop eF bombs and the L word, smoke 'jays', and try to take all that pseudo-beauty out of sex and art. Most people don't like you or your ... Read more


You will aim high to stimulate your viewers. They are not dumb. So, you make the gorgeous cast moody, broody, flawed, and whenever you get the chance, NAKED. Your Pilot follows the Intricate Web of Se... Read more

Adult Swum

You have written the perfect cartoon. It will make Aqua Teen Hunger Force obsolete. You will own Adult Swim. I would tell you what it is, but you won't take the drawings out of the backpack you... Read more


You love a shoot-out, a car chase even. Or, dreaming about paying someone back by tying their arms to a roller coaster track. At night, with a dame. Then coolly smoking a cig, watching their eyes bug.... Read more

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