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Cousin Oliver

43% Couch Potato!

Cousin Oliver: You scored 43% Couch Potato. You just don't watch much TV. Either that, or you only watch unpopular shows.


Correct Answers:

#1 I Love Lucy -- What was the name of the company jointly owned by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, which produced I Love Lucy?

Answer: Desilu

#2 M*A*S*H -- You probably remember the number, but it was 4077th ... what?

Answer: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

#3 Star Trek -- Uhura is the communications officer on the Enterprise. What is Uhura's first name?

Answer: Her first name is never given.

#4 The Andy Griffith Show -- Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife were single but had girlfriends throughout the series. Did either of them (or both) get married during the series?

Answer: Neither married during the series.

#5 Cheers -- Sam, Carla, Norm, and Cliff were there throughout the series. The rest of the unforgettable cast either left early or joined later. There was some overlap, but which of the following best represents their arrival and departure?

Answer: Coach (1982-1985), Diane (1982-1993), Frasier (1984-1993), Woody (1985-1993), Lilith (1986-1993), Rebecca (1987-1993)

#6 The Dick Van Dyke Show -- True or False: Rob and Laura are never shown kissing.

Answer: False

#7 The Mary Tyler Moore Show -- How many spinoffs of this show were named after the characters?

Answer: 3 (Lou Grant, Rhoda, and Phyllis)

#8 Bewitched -- Why did Dick York leave the show, to be replaced by Dick Sargent?

Answer: Severe back condition

#9 The Twilight Zone -- Which of the following never appeared on The Twilight Zone (original series)?

Answer: DeForest Kelley, Walter Koenig, and Nichelle Nichols (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, and George Takei all appeared on the show -- Shatner twice. Other celebrities on The Twilight Zone: Martin Landau (twice), Ron Howard, Burgess Meredith (4 times), Don Rickles, Buddy Ebsen, John Astin, Dick York (twice), Roddy McDowall, Jack Klugman (4 times), Robert Duvall, Jonathan Winters, Peter Falk, Art Carney, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery, Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin (twice), Cloris Leachman, Buster Keaton, Dean Stockwell, Robert Redford, Cliff Robertson, Carol Burnett, Donald Pleasence, Bill Bixby, Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, and Telly Savalas)

#10 All in the Family -- Who were the Bunkers' neighbors, who went on to have their own show?

Answer: George and Louise Jefferson, who spun off into The Jeffersons.

#11 The Carol Burnett Show -- Which guest star appeared on the first episode of every season?

Answer: Jim Nabors

#12 Happy Days -- Who were the Cunningham children?

Answer: Chuck, Richie, and Joanie (Chuck was written out without explanation in the second season.)

#13 The Cosby Show -- Which of the following was not one of the Huxtable children?

Answer: Olivia (Olivia is the daughter of Martin Kendall, and Denise's stepdaughter)

#14 The Simpsons -- Which of the following is not voiced by Dan Castellaneta?

Answer: Mr. Burns (voiced by Harry Shearer)

#15 The Brady Bunch -- What happened to Mike and Carol's first spouses?

Answer: Mike was widowed; we don't know what happened to Carol's first spouse.

#16 Seinfeld -- Who performs the voice of George Steinbrenner?

Answer: Larry David

#17 Little House on the Prairie -- Including adoptions, how many children did Charles and Caroline Ingalls have?

Answer: 8 (Mary, Laura, Carrie, Charles Frederick Jr. (died as an infant), Albert (adopted), Grace, James (adopted), and Cassandra (adopted))

#18 Quantum Leap -- How did Sam Beckett start "leaping" through time?

Answer: Sam was participating in a time travel experiment.

#19 Get Smart -- What was the name of the KAOS android that CONTROL reprogrammed?

Answer: Hymie. (Fang was Agent K-9.)

#20 Gilligan's Island -- What was Skipper's name?

Answer: Jonas Grumby (Roy Hinkley was the Professor's name.)

#21 Family Ties -- What was the name of the fourth child who was born later in the series?

Answer: Andrew

#22 The Addams Family -- Uncle Fester is from which side of the family?

Answer: He is Morticia's uncle.

#23 The Honeymooners -- Which of these is not true about their occupations?

Answer: Trixie Norton was NOT a schoolteacher.

#24 Frasier -- What is the name of the coffee shop that Frasier and Niles frequent?

Answer: Cafe Nervosa

#25 Home Improvement -- What company is the corporate sponsor of Tool Time?

Answer: Binford

#26 Married ... With Children -- Which of the following was not one of the Bundy pets?

Answer: Seven (Seven was adopted by the Bundy family after being abandoned by his own parents, Zemus and Ida-Mae, cousins of Peggy, who are both hillbillies. 

#27 Star Trek: The Next Generation -- Which of the following Original Series characters did not appear on TNG?

Answer: Captain Kirk

#28 The Bob Newhart Show -- What was Bob's occupation?

Answer: Psychologist

#29 I Dream of Jeannie -- How did Major Nelson find Jeannie?

Answer: During a flight, his capsule lands on a deserted island, where he finds Jeannie's bottle.

#30 The Beverly Hillbillies -- How were Elly Mae and Jethro related?

Answer: They were cousins.

#31 The Golden Girls -- What is the greatest span in ages among the actresses who played the four main characters?

Answer: 12 years. (Betty White and Bea Arthur were born in 1922. Estelle Getty was born in 1923. Rue McClanahan was born in 1934.)

#32 Laverne & Shirley -- What was the name of the pizza place Laverne's father owned?

Answer: The Pizza Bowl

#33 Perry Mason -- Which is true about the TV series?

Answer: It is television's most successful and longest-running lawyer series.

#34 Leave It To Beaver -- How did Beaver get his name?

Answer: Wally couldn't say Theodore when his brother was born; it came out "Beaver".

#35 The Monkees -- Which came first: the band or the TV show?

Answer: The TV show

#36 Magnum, P.I. -- Thomas Magnum lives on an estate in Hawaii that belongs to whom?

Answer: Robin Masters (Masters is never seen, and there is suspicion throughout the series that Higgins is Masters, though this is never confirmed.)

#37 Charlie's Angels -- Which of the following was not one of the original Angels? Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack, and Tanya Roberts (Kate Jackson appeared in seasons 1-3; Farrah Fawcett in seasons 1, 3, and 4; Jaclyn Smith in seasons 1-5; Cheryl Ladd in seasons 2-5; Shelley Hack in season 4; and Tanya Roberts in season 5.)

#38 Roseanne -- Who are the Connor kids, in order from oldest to youngest?

Answer: Becky, Darlene, DJ

#39 Moonlighting -- How did Blue Moon Investigations get its name?

Answer: Maddie Hayes was a former spokesmodel for Blue Moon Shampoo.

#40 The Waltons -- Which of the following is not one of the Walton children?

Answer: Laura


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