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Their result for The "Which Poem Of Mine Are You?" Test ...

Angry Body

12% Hidden, 41% Fireside, 71% Angry, 40% Creation, 61% Freedom, 51% Rest, 42% Fall and 50% Went!

Angry Body

Sickened stomach,

stop turning so.

I am dizzy,

leave me be.


Heavy eyes,

stop drooping so.

I need to see,

wake up now.


Quivering lips,

stop shaking so.

I can not speak,

words should flow.


Cramped hand,

stop aching so.

I can not write,

thoughts will be lost.


Angry body,

stop everything.

I need peace,

want nothing more.


Copyright © 2008 M. K. J.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Hidden Distribution

    They scored 12% on Hidden, higher than 4% of your peers.

  • Fireside Distribution

    They scored 41% on Fireside, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Angry Distribution

    They scored 71% on Angry, higher than 99% of your peers.

  • Creation Distribution

    They scored 40% on Creation, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • Freedom Distribution

    They scored 61% on Freedom, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • Rest Distribution

    They scored 51% on Rest, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Fall Distribution

    They scored 42% on Fall, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Went Distribution

    They scored 50% on Went, higher than 24% of your peers.

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