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The Prophet

You scored 44 Support, 37 Sneak, 64 Cheap!

Some might call you a Prophet, others would call you an annoying ass that has an unhealthy obsession with trees. Still, while your methods might sometimes be underhanded, and you're not above beating on the weak, your team is glad to have you! A very balanced asset to any group, you know when to strike out alone, and when to support your allies.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Support Distribution

    They scored 44% on Support, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Sneak Distribution

    They scored 37% on Sneak, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • Cheap Distribution

    They scored 64% on Cheap, higher than 86% of your peers.

All possible test results


Master of all situations, and slave to none, you are the Morphling! You're adaptable, straightforward, and don't play with tricks up your sleeve. Read more


You're a loner, but a deadly one-- the infamous Venomancer. Nothing makes your day like seeing people flee before you, large green numbers flashing over their heads. You might not be the best team p... Read more


You are Naix, bane of casters everywhere! You're not subtle, and you're prone to working alone, but there's no question your methods are effective. Once you get ahold of someone, there's precious li... Read more

Nerubian Weaver

You're a pretty sneaky sunovabitch-- the Weaver! You don't play games, and you're best by yourself, but your enemies have a hard time keeping their eye on you. Disappearing at regular intervals, the... Read more

Stealth Assassin

You work alone, and it's probably for the best-- even your teammates might get annoyed by your antics, Stealth Assassin! Lurking in the shadows, emerging only when it's safe to stab someone in the ba... Read more

Bounty Hunter

I thought that was my kill! Oh, I'm sorry-- you're the Bounty Hunter! You're adept at finishing off weakened foes, and in fact delight in it-- it matters little whether or not you're even the one wh... Read more

Phantom Assassin

The master of deception, you are the Phantom Assassin! You dive from the shadows, often slaying your enemies before they even realize they're being stabbed repeatedly in the neck. Your methods might... Read more

Phantom Lancer

You tricky bastard-- you're the Phantom Lancer! You're a mystery to your foes, almost immune to attacks thanks to your numerous clones and disappearing acts. Fighting alone, your style is confusion--... Read more

Bone Clinkz

I hate to say it, but you're Bone Clinkz. Master of the gank, you prowl in the shadows, ready to pick off anybody who leaves a safe area. You disappear just as quickly as you strike, and many run aw... Read more

Death Prophet

You're the Death Prophet! A reliable partner, you fight best with some help beside you. You're not very clever, or particularly tricky, but you're able to keep calm under pressure, and turn even the... Read more


Watch out, world-- you're the Necrolyte! You're the man everyone wants to have at their side! Versatile in all forms of combat, you can bring your friends to victory with panache and just a little b... Read more

Ogre Magi

You're the Ogre Magi! A sturdy fighter and loyal friend, you can stick out even the toughest battles. While dedication and hard work get you pretty far, you're prone to brilliant feats of dazzling l... Read more

Keeper of the Light

Hail to you, Keeper of the Light! A solid ally, you're best at holding the line in all things, able to reassure your friends and test the resolve of your enemies. And while you might stand strong, y... Read more

The Prophet

Some might call you a Prophet, others would call you an annoying ass that has an unhealthy obsession with trees. Still, while your methods might sometimes be underhanded, and you're not above beating... Read more

The Tinker

Striking relentlessly from afar, you are the Tinker! You're just as much a boon to your own team as you are a nightmare to the other-- you stand far back from the lines of battle, repeatedly hammerin... Read more

Dwarven Sniper

People had better watch their heads-- you're the Sniper! You can fight alone, but you're best standing far behind your allies, damaging enemies and finishing off cowards that would flee the field of ... Read more


Nested in your web, you are the Broodmother. You can fight alone or as a team, but however you do it, you're a damned ninja. People will stay away from areas you've so much as been to recently, for ... Read more

Bane Elemental

Beware, mortals! You are the Bane Elemental. You're a good team fighter, but you truly relish preying on those who can not fight back. Perhaps you don't see single combat as much as the rest of you... Read more

Dragon Knight

Tough, dependable, and loyal-- you are the Dragon Knight. At the front of any conflict, you're willing to get in harm's way for your friends, and your constitution is more than up to the challenge. ... Read more

Centaur Warchief

All hail the Warchief! You're an absolute monster-- everyone wants to be the guy you're covering, and nobody wants to have to stand in your way. You plow through problems like a fat man through Twin... Read more


You there, fatty-- you're Pudge. A grotesque monument to all that is wrong with the world, you're ready to consume anything that gets in the way of your goals. Your friends admire you for your singl... Read more

The Gorgon

Snake-headed terror of the seas, you are Medusa, the Gorgon! You're great at working with your team, and are excellent at jumping in at the last moment to save the day. Your methods are predictable,... Read more


Lord of the forest, you are the Treant! You're crafty, tricky, and a great asset to your team. With the proper support, you're almost unstoppable-- you can disable a great number of foes, leaving th... Read more

Goblin Techies

Holy crap, you're the Goblin Techies! Your team loves you, and that's a good thing-- because everyone else in the damned world hates your ass. You don't have the slightest hesitation before humiliat... Read more


You are the Oblivion! An excellent team player, you're a master at supporting your allies and disabling the machinations of your foes. Still, this ability does come with a downside-- you're heavily ... Read more

Queen of Pain

Let me take the gag-ball out of my mouth long enough to tell you, mistress-- you're the Queen of Pain! You're swift and deadly, but you prefer to deal death from afar, and shun close combat. Almost ... Read more

Demon Witch

You are Lion! An exceptionally able ally, you can kill as effortlessly as you support your friends, and you're tough enough to stand on your own if necessary. Your strength often brings the wrath of... Read more

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