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FCAD - Survivor

2 Twitch-Fluid, 2 Simple-Complex, 0 Planning-Acting and 0 Entertainment-Difficulty!

When Z-Day comes, take comfort in knowing we can count on the FCAD's. The Survivor has qualities of both a Shooter and a Puzzle Gamer. They have a strong aim for taking zombie heads off, and they can handle complex controls and menus for mixing health herbs, making molotov cocktails, and attaching a flashlight to the barrel of a rifle. FCAD's tend to see the little details that will aid in survival, like rooms with evidence of a zombie break-in are not safe places to stay, and they have an undeniable tenacity, even in the face of several super zombies with only one bullet in their handgun. Plus they play games that scare the crap out of them willingly. FOR FUN. If that's not ballsy, I don't know what is.


Games FCAD's like: Resident Evil, Alone In The Dark, Dead Space, Metroid




You have very subtle, smooth movements. Your muscles stay relaxed, even in tense situations. This makes you ideal for games where you have to perform precise movements under pressure such as shooters and racing games. Your thumbs glide over the controller and you are probably one the better shots on your team in Call of Duty or even can do fairly well in a racing game you've never played because you don't make the car spin out of control. But you also don't do as well with games that require a faster touch. Most hardcore action games and fighting games will give you a hard time because the other players can input the moves a lot faster than you can. And you probably can't tap the button fast enough to blow up your balloon in Mario Party.



The more the better is your motto. You want your games to be a nuanced and varied as you are. You don't mind shuffling through an extra menu or two or learning a couple more combos. If it will add depth to the game and give you more freedom, bring it on! You've probably debated on more than one occasion why can't Pokemon have more than four moves at a time. Or you've committed yourself to learning Zangeif's entire moveset, just to be that much better for the next match. You enjoy managing money, stats and equipment, making your team or army or city bigger, better, and badder. And you're always looking for a new way to complete a task. You also tend to lose interest or generally have trouble with simpler games, as you become frustrated or confused by the lack of things in your control.



In the virtual world, who needs a plan when you can just hit the reset button? You play things by ear, and when the shit hits the fan, you hit the bricks. You're the one who survives the zombie onslaught with only a knife. You're the one who captures the flag long after the rest of your team was killed. You're also the one who can never be relied upon. Because you're never really prepared, you could die during a crucial moment when everyone else has that extra healing potion left. Or during an important mission you fail because you forgot to get the security passcard to get in the base undetected. You play the biggest risk and you reap the results.



You play mostly for the challenge. You thrive on the idea that you are defeating an enemy or piloting a jet. As the game presents new challenges, you knock them down and the ones you can't pass drive you to become a better player and overcome them. You probably have played tournaments before and you enjoy friendly competition. You probably one more than one strategy guide and maybe even are on a forum or part of a clan dedicated to your favorite game. You probably also love the art and music and design of video games but the only reason you might pop in GoldenEye is because some old pals come over and you all want to start up a deathmatch and see who's still got it.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Twitch-Fluid Distribution

    They scored 2% on Twitch-Fluid, higher than 7% of your peers.

  • Simple-Complex Distribution

    They scored 2% on Simple-Complex, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Planning-Acting Distribution

    They scored 0% on Planning-Acting, higher than 0% of your peers.

  • Entertainment-Difficulty Distribution

    They scored 0% on Entertainment-Difficulty, higher than 0% of your peers.

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It looks like you didn't fill out the test right if you're getting this result. Make sure you answer every single question! Read more

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