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Scottish Fold

You scored 84 friendliness, 60 curiosity, zzz aggressiveness, and www independence!

Famous Scottish Fold Cats: Sean Connery, Tony Blair, J K Rowling. You are loving and gentle and kind and I think I want one. Nice cat. You love people. You love to be held. You love to be petted. You get a little sad when there's no one else around. Too bad about the ear thing, though. Little accident with the grooming clippers?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • friendliness Distribution

    They scored 84% on friendliness, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • curiosity Distribution

    They scored 60% on curiosity, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • aggressiveness Distribution

    They scored 47% on aggressiveness, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • independence Distribution

    They scored 35% on independence, higher than 8% of your peers.

All possible test results

Persian Cat

Famous Persian Cats: Julius Caesar, Madonna, Truman Capote. As a cat, you tend to be fairly ill-tempered, maybe a little hissy at times. You much prefer napping to exploring - it takes a lot to get... Read more

Siamese Cat

Famous Siamese Cats: Sting, Elizabeth Taylor, Adolf Hitler. You are the type of cat that can get downright mean, sometimes. But usually only when someone is asking for it. You're not likely to sta... Read more

Russian Blue

Famous Russian Blues: Napoleon Bonaparte, Franklin D Roosevelt, Lizzy Borden. You'd rather not be petted, but you do put up with it. Laziness truly run in your family. The three hour nap is an ol... Read more

Maine Coon Cat

Famous Maine Coon Cats: Bob Dylan, Anwar Sadat, Leo Tolsoy. You dislike most other living creatures, and would just as soon bite something as look at it. That's what teeth are for, right? You are ... Read more


Famous Ragdolls: Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Tonya Harding. Play, play, play. All day play. That's your motto. You're not into biting or scratching: there are much better ways to settle yo... Read more

Norwegian Forest Cat

Famous Norwegian Forest Cats: Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Natalie Portman. You are very focused on meal time. Those times are the highlights of your day. The only use that you can see for peopl... Read more


Famous Absynnians: Neil Young, John Steinbeck, Elizabeth Hurley. You're a little bit of a tease. You are constantly purring and rubbing up against people to get their attention, but as soon as they... Read more


Famous Manx Cats: Jennifer Lopez, the Dalai Lama, Ingrid Bergmann. You're a right nasty little beast. As a cat, that is. You're a biter, and a scatcher, and a hisser. You just don't like people. ... Read more

Scottish Fold

Famous Scottish Fold Cats: Sean Connery, Tony Blair, J K Rowling. You are loving and gentle and kind and I think I want one. Nice cat. You love people. You love to be held. You love to be petted... Read more

Egyptian Mau

Famous Egyptian Mau Cats: Richard Cheney, Richard Pryor, Joan of Arc. You are a fairly kind and gentle cat, but a tad on the lazy side. You accept petting if the petter comes to you. You wouldn't ... Read more

Havana Brown

Famous Havana Brown Cats: Louis Armstrong, Eminem, Gloria Steinem. You love to be around people. Maybe too much. Maybe you even think that you are one. Get real. You're not. You're a cat. That... Read more


Famous Somali Cats: Tom Cruise, Billie Holiday, Sigourney Weaver. You like to go out a lot. So, you're probably not happy if you're a house cat, but ecstatic if you're an outside cat. But, when yo... Read more

Turkish Angora

Famous Turkish Angora Cats: Tom Seaver, k d lang, Melanie Griffith. You are a true artist in the litter box. You have gone way beyond just covering your feces, and have begun to explore building th... Read more

American Curl

Famous American Curl Cats: Bill Cosby, Halle Berry, Melissa Etheridge. You are a cat lover's dream. You love to play, you love to cuddle, but you're perfectly fine on your own. To wit: You have g... Read more


Famous Ocicats: Barack Obama, Christopher Reeve, Lynda Carter. You are a very clingy little thing. Tend to want to be with somebody every single second. Little bit of a pain in the ass, actually. ... Read more

Siberian Cat

Famous Siberian Cats: Sophocles, Bart Simpson, Jessica Simpson. You're a troublemaker, you are. You are always into something. Knocking over this, spilling that. You just can't stay out of troubl... Read more

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