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You scored 70

Average grade. You passed and deserve the diploma. Mediocre job though.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Deserving Distribution

    They scored 70% on Deserving, higher than 39% of your peers.

All possible test results

F for Failure

It's amazing how much the human mind can remember... and forget... Remember how at this test set out to prove whether or not you deserve a high school diploma? Well... according to this test... you m... Read more


You got your diploma, and you deserve it... but not by much. I'd recommend summer school for you. Read more


Average grade. You passed and deserve the diploma. Mediocre job though. Read more


B range isn't bad. You did well enough that there is no question as to whether or not you deserve your diploma. Good job. Read more


Well done, good job, nice... are all comments you're used to hearing regarding your grades, or at least that's what this test has led me to think. Read more


Not much to say other than congratulations, you got an A. Studying hard all those years in high school paid off because you got an A on some random test on OKC! Read more


Wow, You passed with flying colors. You were probably the kind of kid who went home and read nonfiction books as a child weren't you? There is no score higher than yours. Excellent. Read more


Scoring over 100? Are you serious? You were the kind of kid who was endlessly tormented by the class bully weren't you? Even if that was the case, you can now beat the crap out of that bully (intelle... Read more

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