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You lose 109 hours every month!

This test tells you how many hours you're losing with a fair amount of accuarcy.  You don't have to lose any hours a month to being tired, sick, unhappy, angry, depressed or pain.  You can stop losing 109 hours every month.

There are 720 hours in a month.  

If you sleep for eight hours a night, that's 240 hours out of your month.  

That means the average person during the average month should have 480 hours available to them.  

If you scored higher than 480 hours, it is because you spend many hours with multiple painful conditions, like multiple hours being ill, with a stomach ache, and a headache while trying to sleep, etc.

If you're surprised by the large number of hours you're wasting, think back to your answers.  Do you spend an hour getting to sleep and half an hour getting up in the morning?  That alone is 45 hours in a thirty-day month laying in bed neither sleeping nor working towards your goals.

I was at the point where I had only one to two productive hours a day because of my chronic health conditions.  I spent three hours or more trying to sleep at night, and I spent each morning in tears with a horrifically painful stomachache, besides other conditions.

Today, I not only don't lose hours to illness, I am more productive in the time that I have because of how energetic I am.

It's not genetics.  Take accountability for what you experience.  You can't control what happens to you, but you can control your reaction to what happens.  You can't control what they serve at McDonalds, but you can choose not to eat there.  Every meal you've eaten has been a choice.  Nobody is sitting there forcing food into your mouth (and if they are, you should call the police or something...)

You know how good or bad you feel.  Now you also know how many hours you're losing.  (You may actually be losing more hours than this test indicates.  How much time do you spend picking up prescription medications, getting useless advice from your doctor, taking insulin, counting calories, monitoring your blood pressure and other things that don't cure you.)

It takes a small investment of time to reeducating ourselves to improve.  You will see a large return on your time in happiness, health and productivity.

The number of hours you need to invest monthly in order to lose all excess weight (or put on weight, if need be), to get off prescription drugs, to stop losing any hours to illness whatsoever, to cure diabetes...  is roughly 56 hours.  That breaks down into:

7 Hours a week of exercise

3 Hours a week of learning

3 Hours a week preparing new meals

1 Hour a week writing

Total: 56 Hours

Sound like a lot?  

It really isn't, read on:

I used to have to sleep 9 to 12 hours every night in order to feel rested.  I was spending 270 to 360 hours a month sleeping!

Now I feel rested and energetic after 5 to 8 hours a night. That's 150 to 240 hours a month.

Before I averaged 315 hours a month of sleep, now I average 195 hours of sleep -- That's 120 hours gained in waking productive hours of contentment and happiness for 56 hours spent!

And besides that: I'm more productive, and I no longer lose days to depression and illness, and I look healthier and more beautiful than ever before.  

You can find a lot of information on my website about how to become healthier (for free), and/or hire me as your personal health coach to accelerate your path to a better life (for a monthly fee).

My Health & Fitness Website: http://reallyrawraederle.blogspot.com

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This test tells you how many hours you're losing with a fair amount of accuarcy.  You don't have to lose any hours a month to being tired, sick, unhappy, angry, depr... Read more

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