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You appreciate the high moral standards that Mormons hold, and you stand with the LDS Church on certain political issues, but honestly you just don't like Mormonism.

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Free Spirit

Q: What do you call a religion with constraining shame-filled moral guidelines and stupid beliefs that in your opinion wouldn't impress a third-grader? A: BS. You're not Mormon, and you on... Read more


You don't know everything about Mormonism, but in your opinion you know enough. It disgusts you. Read more


You appreciate the high moral standards that Mormons hold, and you stand with the LDS Church on certain political issues, but honestly you just don't like Mormonism. Read more

Son of Perdition

Chances are good that you enjoy the category this quiz put you in. You enjoy thinking about screwing on LDS property. Sometimes you bust out arcane LDS doctrine just to blow some Mormon minds. Mis... Read more


You escaped the evil empire and you strive to free others. Of course, Mormons believe you're fixated with trying to destroy something sacred to them. But maybe that's exactly the sort of thing a b... Read more

Christian Apostate

You didn't lose Mormonism you found Christianity. You think it's great your Mormon friends practice clean living, but you believe the LDS Church blinds them to true salvation. Read more

Blissfully nonMormon

You don't hate Mormonism or anything; to each his own. Giving up sex, alcohol, and 10% of your income to a church that puts saccharine "family" commercials on TV just seems like a bad deal to you.... Read more


So you took the "what kind of Mormon are you" quiz and found out you're not Mormon...exciting. Read more

Cultural non-Mormon

You're probably not Mormonat least not fully activebut the missionaries would be interested in converting/reactivating you. Your culture is similar to many Latter-day Saints, and many Mormons figure i... Read more

Radical Mormon

People like you have been excommunicated. In fact, you might be personal friends with some of them. Your feminist/liberal/revisionist/free living lifestyle just doesn't click with most Latter-day Sain... Read more

Sunstone Mormon

You're on the cutting edge of LDS progressivism. You believe scholarship and change would benefit the LDS Church, but you realize that your place in Mormonism is marginal. Read more

Mormon Intellectual

The LDS Church's deep thinkers haven't always been the best-received by the hierarchy, but faith seeketh understanding. Mormonism has a rich, fascinating past, and a unique theology. You think ... Read more

Jack Mormon

Yeah, you were raised Mormon, and maybe you even believe a little of it, but you're too busy living life to be a "good Mormon." Read more

Easy-going Mormon

Mormonism's your faith, but you don't get too uptight about things like wearing only starched white shirts, or knowing that Nephi said "blah blah blah." Most of your peers find you exceptionally norma... Read more

Strong Saint

You go and do as the Lord commands. You're not the most inquisitive Mormon, but that road often leads to apostasy anyway. All things considered, you're one darn good Latter-day Saint. Read more

Challenged Mormon

Some might sneer that you're a hypocrite, but you're not bad. You figure the church is true, and really try to live it...it's just so damn hard sometimes! Read more

Misfit Mormon

Doctrinally, you're a perfect Latter-day Saint. You follow the word of wisdom (mostly) and you love you faith, but other Mormons might perceive that you're a little different. Maybe it was when you... Read more

Perfect Mormon

The obedient Latter-day Saint. Temple recommend in hand, you live the gospel every day. Like a city on a hill, you remember the slogan every member a missionary. You beat your peers in semi... Read more

Tom Green

Well, if God told you to take fives wives and have sex with 13 year-olds, why not? Read more

Mormon Survivalist

It takes a lot to be a "Conservative Mormon". The phrase is usually redundant, but you have achieved it. When Ezra Taft Benson warned us about the commies, you took it to heart and bunkered down. W... Read more

Vice & Righteousness

These are the latter days. So maybe you sin a little? Yeah, well at least you know what's coming. Prophets direct you, and when Armageddon comes, you'll be one of the Lord's foot soldiers. All of ... Read more

Fundamen'list Mormon

Mainstream Mormons hate you for the bad reputation they claim you give them. But what's so bad about polygamy and religious separatism? It's nothing that the LDS Church didn't do in the 19th century. ... Read more

Old School Mormon

The building in Salt Lake doesn't recognize your faith. They're liable to excommunicate you for apostasy (if that hasn't happened already). You believe it's not your fault the LDS Church fell away. p... Read more

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