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Highway 61 Revisited

90% Folky, 100% Lyrics, 83% Rock, 79% Bobby

Highway 61 Revisited is a mix of everything Bob Dylan, and it's a great place to start. You've probably already listened to it. My guess is you own a at least a few Dylan CDs, and were taking this test for fun (assuming you answered honestly).

Pick anything from '62 to '76, '89 to the present, and you'll probably like some of it.

Here are a few of my favorites, that you may not have gotten around to, yet:

On The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3, you simply must hear Idiot Wind and If You See Her, Say Hello. Tangled Up in Blue, He Was a Friend of Mine and Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues are also worth a listen. (Hopefully you can get just these specific tracks; I'm not sure how much you'll get out of this disc set; I think the rest is cool to hear once, but maybe not over and over.)

The Rolling Thunder Revue (Live 1975) is amazing. This is Dylan in his prime, in my opinion, and if I had to pick a best (non-compilation) record, this would be in the top 3. I think learning its backstory adds to its value; if you buy it, it comes with good liner notes (written by someone who followed the tour around).

No Direction Home is also great (as is the film) -- I think it is the best compilation album. It has a lot of previously unreleased material from '62 through '66. Some of disc two is also on disc two of Live 1966 (Royal Albert Hall), notably Ballad of a Thin Man, Like a Rolling Stone and Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat which is a bit of a letdown, but the songs still rock. However, saying that, do listen to the first disc.

Political World, Everything is Broken, and Man in the Long Black Coat make Oh Mercy worth a listen. While not one of my top albums, those three songs are pretty good.

Do I have to mention Blood on the Tracks, Desire, and Another Side of Bob Dylan, let alone Freewheelin'? Probably not. Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid is great.

Here's a breakdown of a lot of his work, and everything this test recommends:

l r L r l R L R
High Folk Bob Dylan Times All Back Home Highway 61 High 'Bob'
High Folk John Harding Live 1964 All Back Home Live 1966 Low 'Bob'
Mid Folk Desire Another Side Highway 61 No Direction High 'Bob'
Mid Folk Bob Dylan Blood Oh Mercy Freewheelin' Low 'Bob'
Low Folk Pat Garrett Live 1975 Love & Theft Blonde o. B. High 'Bob'
Low Folk New Morning N. Skyline Basement Tapes B. o. Blonde Low 'Bob'

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • folkiness Distribution

    They scored 90% on folkiness, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • lyrics Distribution

    They scored 100% on lyrics, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • blues-ness Distribution

    They scored 83% on blues-ness, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • bobby-ness Distribution

    They scored 79% on bobby-ness, higher than 42% of your peers.

All possible test results

New Morning

You might like New Morning. Don't let mocking from the "true" Dylan fans discourage you, New Morning is a solid album. While you may cringe during the harmonica solos on the first track, they a... Read more

Pat Garrett

Home to Knockin' on Heaven's Door and acoustic-guitar instrumental songs, you might enjoy Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, a soundtrack from a movie set in the Old West. This albu... Read more

Basement Tapes

You're looking for something blues-y that's not characteristicly Bob Dylan. This is a tough sell, since blues is one of Bobby's staples. Is Led Zeppelin, Cream, or hard rock up your alley? Consider b... Read more

Love and Theft

Love and Theft, one of Dylan's better recent works, is full of the blues-y sound that has shaped his records since '89. You'll find at least a few songs to enjoy, here. You'll want to check... Read more

Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline is a great album. It's a bit country, but you should try it even if country isn't your first choice. Dylan's voice is as smooth as it gets on this record, and the acoustic... Read more

Rolling Thunder

If you don't like The Rolling Thunder Revue (a.k.a. Bob Dylan Live 1975), then you won't like Bob Dylan's music. Live '75 combines some of Dylan's best songs, his best singing voice, and his... Read more

Blonde on Blonde

You might not be able to get over his singing style, but try it with Blonde on Blonde. Specifically, try Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat and Visions of Johanna. Those songs are b... Read more

Blonde on Blonde

You don't like Dylan's "folkiness" very much, which can be an acquired taste, for sure. However, the rest of your tastes are right in line with much of Dylan's work, and you'll find a lot to like. ... Read more

Bob Dylan

If you like folk music, but not excessively so, try Bob Dylan, his first album. This record was released in 1962; many of the songs are covers of even older songs. His voice might be a pro... Read more


Not much blues here, but all Bobby. Desire is a good bet. Hurricane is one of Bob's most popular songs. If you like this album, you'll also enjoy Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder ... Read more

Oh Mercy

Oh Mercy may fit your style. If you like the first song, Political World, check out Love and Theft. Also look at his work during '65 and '66 -- Bringing it All Back Home, Highwa... Read more

Highway 61 Revisited

You like rock, and you're not too considered about quality lyrics. Well, like it or not, you're going to get both in Highway 61 Revisited. You might not like every song on this record, but you'... Read more

Blood on the Tracks

Blood on the Tracks, considered a masterpiece by many rock-music critics, is an acquired taste for some. You, my friend, can't seem to get that taste out of your mouth. This album is highly rec... Read more

Another Side of ...

You like folk somewhat and a range of music, but prefer not to have heavy guitars bothering you all the time. Give Another Side of Bob Dylan a spin; some might call it a poetic masterpiece. The... Read more


The sophomore effort that catapulted Bob's career, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan is for you. Now, despite the fact that you like rock music, this album is acoustic folk music through and through. ... Read more

No Direction Home

This is a good place to be with No Direction Home. You have a lot to choose from. This is the category I'm in, and I like something from every album in this test. You might like things in ... Read more

John Wesley Harding

You want all harmonica, all the time, you're bored with politics, and you wish electricity was never used in music. You want John Wesley Harding. You will also like "Bob Dylan," his first recor... Read more

Bob Dylan

You want all harmonica, all the time, and you're bored with politics and "clever" lyrics; maybe you just want to have a good ol' folky time. You want Bob Dylan. At the same time, your taste... Read more

All Back Home

You like folk and rock, and you're probably looking for a good time, bored with so-called "clever" lyrics. Might I tentatively recommend Bringing it All Back Home, which presents a mix you migh... Read more

All Back Home

You like a range of music, and you'd probably be happy starting anywhere in Bob Dylan's discography. Let's start with the at-times-not-so-serious Bringing it All Back Home. While you may not ge... Read more

Live 1964

Ah, you long for the good ol' days of classic folk music. What's with all this electric junk? You need the Concert at Philharmonic Hall, also known as Bob Dylan Live 1964. This is a great conce... Read more

Times Are A-Changin'

You have quite the appetite for all things folk, and you certainly appreciate a well-penned song. You probably already own your recommendation, The Times They Are A-Changin'. You might also own... Read more

Live 1966

Maybe you're here because you don't like country music, and maybe you never want your favorite band to change. But, you really enjoy everything else! I recommend you try everything, but start with the... Read more

Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 Revisited is a mix of everything Bob Dylan, and it's a great place to start. You've probably already listened to it. My guess is you own a at least a few Dylan CDs, and were... Read more

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