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You scored 62% abstraction, 57% shape, 47% quantity, and 43% structure!

You are a graph. Not a graph of a function or anything like that! Rather, you are a collection of vertices and edges connecting some of the vertices. You are flexible and can easily understand the relationships among various types of things, and you classify this information visually. You can think about high concepts and also practical things.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • abstraction Distribution

    They scored 62% on abstraction, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • shape Distribution

    They scored 57% on shape, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • quantity Distribution

    They scored 47% on quantity, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • structure Distribution

    They scored 43% on structure, higher than 29% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are a point. You are very specific, and you are an important building block to more complicated concepts, but you have no particular qualities of your own. Why, it even takes two of you to defin... Read more


You embody the rules part of math, but nothing else. You are not especially interested in sizes or shapes even if you can understand them, and you certainly don't have any interest in the higher conc... Read more


Every first-grader's favorite! You can be used to count apples. You care a lot about numbers, sizes, quantities, et cetera, but you only care about them in how they matter to real life. You sometim... Read more


You are a fraction: you like to quantize things precisely. You are not much for higher concepts or shapes, but you understand sizes and quantities. Also, you're used to patterns and rules. You bare... Read more


You are a squiggle. Really, it's hard to find something in math that fits you correctly. You are totally down-to-earth, but you aren't especially practical. You aren't very comfortable with rules a... Read more


You are a circle. All points in you are equidistant from the center, but it isn't important where that center is or how far it is from you. This kind of internal rule is important to you, and so is ... Read more


You are a rectangle. What really matters to you is your shape and your size, and it's very easy to understand those things. You tend not to have lots of interesting properties besides those: you are... Read more


You are a fractal. You are very interesting and interested in appearance, and you are comfortable and interested in internal rules. You also have a feeling for values. However, you are not especial... Read more


You are a set. You are basically a pure, but not extreme, creature of concept above all else. You don't care much about your body or enumerating your accomplishments, and you don't have much interes... Read more


You are a group: an abstract algebraic concept that includes some of the structure of numbers. You are a mental creature: you care a lot more about rules and thoughts and feelings than shapes and siz... Read more


You are a relation among quantities. Inherently, you don't have much in the way of a meaning, but you are good at comparing things logically, especially when it comes to amounts and sizes. Read more

R^3: Real space

You are Cartesian space. Distance and size has meaning to you, and you have well-defined rules. You care about practical things but you are also a thinker. You don't pay much attention to how thing... Read more


You are a graph. Not a graph of a function or anything like that! Rather, you are a collection of vertices and edges connecting some of the vertices. You are flexible and can easily understand the ... Read more


You are a torus. The favorite object of topologists everywhere, you are equivalent to a donut (well, the donut's surface, anyway). Your shape defines you... but unlike in topology, it's your specifi... Read more


You are a parabola. You are defined by your physical form, and some quantities are very important to you: for instance, whether you point down or up, and where your focus is. You are related to spec... Read more


You are a matrix. You are an arrangement of quantities in a shape that is meaningful, and you can be applied to both high-level ideas and specific problems. What does this mean about you? You care ... Read more


No, I didn't not bother giving this category a name. That's what you are: a Category. A category is basically a purely abstract thing, with relationships only to more concrete concepts, nothing real... Read more

Ring of integers

You are a "ring of integers," the generalization of how the integers fit within the framework of rational numbers. You have some rules that are inherent to your being, but you are a mental thing; you... Read more

Cardinal number

It's hard to classify you. On the one hand, you are very thought-driven and mental, but on the other hand you care a lot about the size of things. Thus, you are a cardinal, a kind of number describi... Read more


You are the complex numbers. Admittedly, some people think they understand you, but they probably don't really understand you. Not only are you complex (ha, ha), but you are an amazing abstract obje... Read more

Topological space

You are a mental being that cares, really, about one thing: shape. You are a topological space, the embodiment of form without size or structure. You are quite a high-level concept, though: you may ... Read more


You are a variety (something like a more abstract version of a graph of a function). What's really interesting about you is the way you combine shape and structure in a very general way. However, yo... Read more

Metric space

You are a metric space. You are all about the shape and size of things, but on a very mental level: you care about the higher concepts a lot. Read more

Vector space

You are a vector space. You are an abstract generalization of the idea of a space or a plane, but you have sensible internal rules and you can describe things like shapes and sizes. As a person, you... Read more

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