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Their result for The how emotionally mature are you Test ...

STD free Romeo

You are 89 % Emotionally Mature enough to Date Me!~

Where are you? let's go on a date.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • maturity Distribution

    They scored 89% on maturity, higher than 85% of your peers.

All possible test results

Fucking Around

You were obviously just fucking around. No one is that emotionally/mentally retarded. Basically if you scored less than 85% it's not gonna work. Read more

You're a Redneck

Most likely, you sleep with people during an outbreak and don't tell them. BUT! don't give up hope. If you give it to enough people it won't be a disease. Read more

Brain Damage

The worst part is this score is too high to be fucking around. That being said, you probably have a latent STD that isn't pronounced, so you can rest at ease until you get "baby's first outbreak." Go... Read more

STD free Romeo

Where are you? let's go on a date. Read more

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