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You scored

Lacking passion, but maybe the right person could bring it out of you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • caring Distribution

    They scored 63% on caring, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • perfectionism Distribution

    They scored 67% on perfectionism, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • creativity Distribution

    They scored 60% on creativity, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • lust Distribution

    They scored 52% on lust, higher than 12% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Twilight Bone

Carefree, flawed, uninspired and lacking true erotic fire. Go check the keg. Read more


Nothing but raw lust from you. A machine built for sex, and sex only. There's definitely a right time and place for you, just make sure to keep a spare set of batteries around. Read more

Terms of Enspearment

Super creative but lacking in caring, lust and drive. You made an interesting film but it doesn't excite you. Read more

Make Mine Pink

You must be a male. You don't care that you're imperfect and you don't care that you don't care. Leave you alone in a room with a 55 gallon drum of whipped cream and a few clothespins and you're hap... Read more

Basic Insphinct

A pure perfectionist, lacking all semblance of heart and soul. Read more


On paper the best possible lover, at least until climax. After that, bye bye. Read more

Bangs of Chicago

Real Type A here, perfect and creative, all brains but no heart. The kind of person that make the bedroom look incredible, then has no idea what to do with it. Martha Stewart anyone? Read more


You have great qualities but lack heart. Be nice. Read more

Dangerous Layathons

Wonderful heart, stagnant brain. Perhaps a new hobby will help. Read more

Harriet's Afire

All heart, no head. Let me rephrase that-all heart, lots of head, no brains. Almost an ideal lover. Read more

Schindler's Fist

Sweet and warm, but lacking fire. Great for some, too laid back for others. Read more

The Spews Brothers

Got it all but perfection. Nobody's perfect though, so I like you already. Read more


Lacking passion, but maybe the right person could bring it out of you. Read more

All That Jizz

You have a lot going for you, but imagination doesn't seem to be part of it. No big deal, just keep using the side of your brain that's kicking butt and you'll do just fine. Read more


Uh, oh, you lost your lust! Why did you make a porno movie? I guess that would be a good step toward recovery... Read more

Acockalips Now

Balance and abundance, you've proved you have what it takes in all 4 areas measured. You are the John Holmes/Jenna Jameson of personality. Read more

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