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Their result for The What Type Action Hero Are You Test ...

Team Player

You scored 59 con resolution, 66 assertiveness, and 67 action!

Congratulations, you have just enough skill to belong to a well-honed fighting machine! Think X-Men, The Justice League, Green Lanterns, or even the PowderPuff Girls. You can be relied upon to do your share and then some if necessary. Sometimes you show your ugly side and deter the progress of the ship, but in all you are reliable, loyal, and profoundly unique.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • con resolution Distribution

    They scored 59% on con resolution, higher than 25% of your peers.

  • assertiveness Distribution

    They scored 66% on assertiveness, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • action Distribution

    They scored 67% on action, higher than 44% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Sidekick

It's okay, not all of us are #1 heroes, some of us are just #2 and there is nothing wrong with that. Although you don't get much credit, work much harder at getting the results your partner does, and... Read more

Johnny English

Hey, you're one step up from The Sidekick! Although you are a bit bumbling and awkward; you have a good nature and loyal personality. Congratulations! When there are no heroes left, the world will ... Read more

Naked Gun

Well, you have nothing to worry about in the confidence category. You lack the necessary assertiveness and conflict resolution to satisfactorily get what you want, but you are upfront and assured eno... Read more


You're a nice guy! You want what is best for most people, but are not afraid to push for what is best for you as well. That's great! Just watch out for that peripheral head-swelling that sometimes ... Read more

Harry Potter

You are the Boy who Lived! Yes, I know, people don't want to consider you a hero and you are still growing into your hero clothing. But that is all well and good, because when you finally fit those ... Read more


(Lethal Weapon) Loyal, hard-working, cocky, and stern - you're the other half of a half-cocked crime duo. A good counterbalance to wild partners, you are the one who usually chimes in with what won't... Read more

Frodo Baggins

Usually people are protecting you, but when it comes to the fate of the world and keeping a secret - you are definitely one of the first choices. You can resist almost everything that is evil and cor... Read more

Sam Gamgee

Frodo's persistent companion, you will also risk your life for your friends. You are a better fighter than Frodo, however, and this makes you more valuable on the playing field. Combine that with yo... Read more

Indiana Jones

Although you are named after the family dog, you definitely are more colorful. You have a taste for women, adventure, and action. You lack the patience for arguments and confrontations and are more ... Read more

Professor Xavier

You're almost equally skilled in everything, but your brain is your definite power. You can usually get anyone in your corner and don't have to argue much to do it. Most people don't see you as a th... Read more


You can talk to the angels AND the devils. It is a desirable trait to be able to talk to anyone (some would say you are easy to get along with, but they don't know you yet). One really good thing ab... Read more

Dirty Harry

Go ahead, punk, make my day: You've probably said this AT LEAST once in your life. You aren't much for conflict but you are all about resolution. Sometimes you get caught up in the principle of thin... Read more


You can be a gentle and refined person, but at times you are as wild as the jungles you frequent. I'm guessing the more you feel at home the more wild you can be. Girls won't complain about how you ... Read more

Team Player

Congratulations, you have just enough skill to belong to a well-honed fighting machine! Think X-Men, The Justice League, Green Lanterns, or even the PowderPuff Girls. You can be relied upon to do yo... Read more


(Lethal Weapon) You have a wild hair up your ass most of the time and can usually be found putting yourself into compromising positions just for the hell of it. You're fun to be around and you party... Read more

Captain Kirk

You're a skilled player and know your hand. You can match anyone in a debate and are probably good at salesmanship. A shoo-in in any battle because you can lead well due to your strategy skills and... Read more


So what if you're a man, that's not the point here. The character is the same for both. You can play dirty if you need to. You can play nice, too. Either way, you get what you want - always. As l... Read more

Conan the Barbarian

Man, you get right to it, don't you? You don't know how you're going to fix the problem, but that doesn't keep you from tackling it. You eat food like a pig and probably have sex like one, too. Don... Read more


You're the brain behind the operations at Her Majesty's Secret Service and rightly so. Sure you can fight (somewhat) and stand up for your own, but where your expertise lies is strategy. You can fig... Read more

Ron Weasley

You're the best bud, the confidante, the class clown, and other the's out there. You are reliable, steadfast, and have a trick or two up your sleeve when you really need it. You are awkward around o... Read more


You've built quite the fortress around yourself, haven't you? Ever get lonely? Probably not enough for it to affect you, right? That's okay, you prove to be quite loyal to your friends, even if the... Read more

Hermione Granger

You're a smart tart! You do not focus on fighting or battles, you believe in a different type of action. You want to know everything you can about everything there is to know about. If you are in ... Read more


You're a natural leader, even if you don't like to lead. You're well-rounded and skilled and adversaries don't last long against you. You fall in love rarely which makes it all the more long-lasting... Read more

The Terminator

Think Terminator 2, not 1. You can be counted on to get the job done right and well. You can solve problems quickly and efficiently and have no problems getting it done. There are issues with commu... Read more

Mystery Inc.

Yeah, I gave the whole team a category here. You do better in group work, but can also fare okay on your own. You have a penchant for running away from the problems, but that doesn't mean you don't ... Read more

John McClane

Yeah, you'll get even. If people would just back up off you, they wouldn't have to get hurt, would they? You can thwart any evil plans and only use brute force and knowledge of the place's layout. ... Read more


Bond, James Bond. Only the best, James. You are an expert at just about everything, aren't you? You can't count anything on just one hand, and are debonair...dashing. Women notice you and so do me... Read more

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