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0 Physical, 2 Mental, 2 Skills, 5 Alignment

You are quiet, serene and naturelike. Probably an expert in the art of stealth, you also cast spells and can turn into a wolf, a bear, or a Pidgeon. Don't act like that last skill isn't cool. You fight with a bow because you wouldn't want to get too close to stronger opponents. But fortunately, it is a magical bow that can poison, sleep, or stun people with its arrows.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Physical Distribution

    They scored 0% on Physical, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Mental Distribution

    They scored 2% on Mental, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • Skills Distribution

    They scored 2% on Skills, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • Alignment Distribution

    They scored 5% on Alignment, higher than 89% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Goblin Warrior

Cunning? No. Strong? No. Skillful? No. Nice? No. But willing to do the stuff that no one else will? Yes! That makes you dangerous, and in big numbers even more so. Read more

The Villager

You are a nice person, but just waiting to be sliced up and cooked into Goblin stew! Read more

The Thief

Clever, but not really smart. You can pick a lock, repair a car, or fool someone into believing that you are a great warrior. The thief relies on his or her instincts to solve problems. You sneak arou... Read more

The Scout

Scouts use the physical resources presented with them to the maximum extent. Wall of goblins coming at you? Blow em up! Sneak by them! Build a tank and run them over. Its fun, but not very deep. You a... Read more


You know how to conjure up spells, confuse the enemy, make people turn into frogs, raise skeleton armies, and fart in people's faces. Its funny to watch as long as I am not the target of your twisted ... Read more


Smart, but also good hearted. You like to think of yourself as a spiritual leader, encourager and guide. In battle, you keep your men together and make sure that no one goes crazy. You probably have s... Read more

War Mage

You probably cheered as the Tienanmen square protests were crushed. You are not that nice, nor are you anyone to be trifled with. Your spells are more varied than the Warlock's but you rely on them a ... Read more


You are quiet, serene and naturelike. Probably an expert in the art of stealth, you also cast spells and can turn into a wolf, a bear, or a Pidgeon. Don't act like that last skill isn't cool. You figh... Read more


You have many skills but all of them involve kicking ass. As a child you were raised by a mother with twisted teeth and facial hair. Your father taught you to fight by beating the living crap out of y... Read more


You were brought up in a civilized household, but your tutor was more interested in showing you how to slice off someone's balls than what 3+2 equals. Physical activity is your forte, and you are prob... Read more

Orc Warrior

Remarkably clever, but illiterate, Orc Warriors are masters of living off the land. They can hunt, fish, and slice your balls off if you cross them. Actually they might even do it for fun, so watch ou... Read more


While you are probably a person of average intelligence, you really shine when it comes to navigating the difficult parts of the wilderness. Whether it is High School's Jungle, the Corporate Ladder, o... Read more


Warlords know but one thing, that is battle. They don't care who they kill, or how violently. Warlords are smart and strong so they don't need skills. They just run in and kill, thinking strategies on... Read more


A remarkably balanced character, you work hard to lead, encourage, and slay daemons in half with your sword. Paladins often are heroes that keep their parties together with healing spells, but they la... Read more


While not bad by some people's standards, you wouldn't exactly jump right into a fundamentalist baptist service. Actually, you would feel more at home in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, bangin chicks... Read more


You're smart, talented, a great leader, and you have many skills. What more could any one ask? You have a big ass sword, a big ass horse, a big ass shield, and heavy chain mail armour, but on top of t... Read more

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