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"Inside of Love"

You scored 71 sexual, 71 intellectual, and 67 artist!

"Inside of Love" is my favorite Nada Surf song. I felt like being cheesy and cliche. Besides, "Closest Thing To Heaven," the recent Tears For Fears song, wouldn't fit there. You may not be perfect by other peoples' standards, but you're pretty damn close in my book. You scored between 67% - 100% in all three categories. According to the test, you can keep up with me sexually, intellectually, and artistically. So, what are you doing tomorrow night?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sexual Distribution

    They scored 71% on sexual, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • intellectual Distribution

    They scored 71% on intellectual, higher than 44% of your peers.

  • creative Distribution

    They scored 67% on creative, higher than 49% of your peers.

All possible test results

Polar Opposites

We have absolutely nothing in common. You should probably move to Antarctica and avoid me at all costs. Read more


So, you're moderately creative with low-intellect and no sex drive? What are you, an idiot savant? Sorry dude, still not doing it for me. Read more

Schiavo on Canvas

So, you have a weak sex drive and intellect, but you're super creative? Basically Schiavo with a paintbrush or an instrument. Might be interesting to see, but what would we talk about? Surely not p... Read more

Average flacid joe.

So, you're kinda smart but aren't creative or sexual? That's cool, I'll pass. Read more

Still not doing it.

Moderately intelligent (according to this test) and moderately creative, but no boner or lube happening. Meh. Read more


Why are you really creative, moderately intellectual, and not very sexual? That's disappointing. Did something happen as a child. Maybe I can make it better for you. Read more

All Brains, No Sex.

A strong intellect is incredibly sexy, as well, as someone with extremely leftist politics... but what the hell does that matter if you're not into being sexy or creative? Read more

Dry as a desert!

Honey... what's wrong? You're very smart, very liberal, moderately creative, but not sexual at all? That's sad! So much potential. Read more

Almost there!

Two out of three isn't bad, but it's just disappointing. You're so close to being perfect. Very creative, very intellectual, very liberal... very disinterested in sex? What's wrong? Read more

Erect Shortbus

So, you didn't score very high on intellect or creativity, but you're kinda horny. Sluttiest guy/girl on the shortbus, eh? Read more

Not Applicable

Moderately sexual, moderately creative, but not that bright (or Republican, almost the same thing). Not interested. I can almost guarantee that we won't like each other. Read more

artsy one-nighter?

Really creative, sexually compatible, but not very smart. You'd probably be a one night stand if I were really drunk and didn't realize that you were either not that bright or a Republican. I'd ... Read more

kind of bland

Moderately sexual, moderately intellectual, but not very creative. I'd probably get bored with you. Sorry. Read more

Middle of the Line

Middle of the line on everything. Too safe. I like extremes. Read more


Very creative, moderate intellect and sexuality. You could probably be a really interesting person to know and you most likely don't think you're better than other people. If you're not a Republican... Read more

smart but not for me

Intellectual, moderately sexual, but not creative at all... I'm sure you'll pick up someone more likeminded in a chatroom and not at the concert that I'm going to tonight. Good for you, though. Just... Read more

social experiment

Very smart, moderately creative, and moderately sexual. Not a bad mix, though I prefer an emphasis on creativity. Maybe you're just the kind of person that hasn't been exposed to a more interesting ... Read more

Hot Prude

You scored pretty low sexually, but high on intellect and creativity. You're the kind of person that I would like to know, only kind of a prude. I could probably charm you out of your shell, you lit... Read more

Corky with a Hard-On

You scored low on intellect, low on creativity, but REALLY high on sexuality. I dub the Corky with a Hard-On. I run into people like you all of the time in Ybor. Let's not and say we did. Read more

hot and dumb

Really horny, moderately creative, but kinda dumb. Nah. You sound like this really hot guy that I know, though. I've got a couple of girls or guys that might dig you. He's definitely "popular." Read more

Interesting mix

You're really horny and really creative, but not the brightest crayon in the box. You'd probably make a really hot one night stand, but you'd just have to keep your mouth shut. Read more

Category 22

Really horny, moderately intelligent, but not creative. You're on the right path. Read up on good music, leftist politics, and pick up a few good books... then call me in a year or two. Read more

Kinda slutty.

Moderately creative, moderately intellectual, very sexual. You sound like most of the kids that were on my high school swim team. Who the hell has shaving parties? Read more

Artsy Hornball

I'd probably really enjoy you. You scored moderately on the intellect part of the quiz, but you're no dumbass. You're probably smarter than you let on and hopefully more liberal. You appreciate a m... Read more

Scholar with Hard-on

Incredibly sexual and intellectual, but not creative at all. Oh well. I'd probably still be attracted to you, but we'd become bored with each other because we wouldn't be able to connect artisticall... Read more

Horny, Smart, Artsy

You're really horny, really smart, and fairly artsy. Sounds pretty damn good to me. You're almost perfect. Read more

"Inside of Love"

"Inside of Love" is my favorite Nada Surf song. I felt like being cheesy and cliche. Besides, "Closest Thing To Heaven," the recent Tears For Fears song, wouldn't fit there. You may not be perfect ... Read more

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